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s1mple vs zywoo
I mean I would rather have zywoo in my team than s1mple Not even close
CSGO Tier List
Dumb list Bubski higher than Magisk haha
Trump2020 impossible
Flair checks out
Trump2020 impossible
No way he gets president They only slight chance would be if trump goes out and kanye gets his place as a republican Thats actually possible but very unlikely tho
Trump2020 impossible
No dude Especially countries like germany, austria, switzerland, Luxembourg and all of the nordix ones are way better economically stable and have way better living standards. Even a small look at...
prime Astralis vs any other team during their prime?
32-2 happened after berlin major dude Liquid shit the bed after that summer pause. Astralis was clearly back to prime form
prime Astralis vs any other team during their prime?
By luck probably yes. But astralis prime is for example the 32-2 vs faze or every single major playoffs I think no one can come close. Astralis would need a bad day to lose a bo3 vs someone
prime Astralis vs any other team during their prime?
Astralis prime > everyone
Isnt kristou super bad? Or is he actually decent/good?
why not? why should they skip cs_summit when they dont play with gla1ve and xyp9x anymore? obviously they didnt want to lose 40% of their points, so they will play with gla1ve and xyp9x for the 3r...
The 4th season is pretty good imo I mean its a high school series, all the seasons are the same tbh
They wont leave wtf Astralis knows that they are coming back, otherwise they would have played cs_summit
-JUGi +Kjaerbye
Rankings 06.07.2020
I dont think G2 is going to fall out of top5 I can also imagine this: 1 Big 2 Vitality 3 Navi 4 G2 5 EG
Rankings 06.07.2020
1 Big 2 Vitality 3 G2 4 EG 5 Navi