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Why Faze still not qualify?
happened to nip couple of days ago
s1mple - Zywoo | conclusion
tbh if they got -olof or broky for Zywoo, then they dont need an real IGL
Faze clan fans are back
32-2 is more of a slaughter, but this gem here is overkill for faze fans, cuz they literally cried here xd
FaZe vs Vitality
sg just won the map
oh didnt see, but my point is there, it doesnt matter how many rounds they win, its about the map win
yes, but North has 5-3 and nip 4-3 I think and in rule book 5-3 > 4-3 round difference is considered very very late, and in this case not necessary
North vs NiP
spunj just said north need 2-0 so should be pretty ez for nip at this point
no just 2-0 round difference doesnt matter in this one
North vs NiP
if nip loses, are they out?
he is/was the best player by far, ofc he can just outfrag the enemy team. but as I said he hasnt a good team, neither is he a good teammate for winning a major
cajun is good, they lack a real IGL, but MSL isnt good either. probably have tp get blamef when complexity fails
#11 NaVi
they have a good roster imo, its just lack of teamwork and confidence
Worst player in tier 1 team
he is a great igl, but not fragging well in fnatic he got a little bit better, but when he was in cloud9 he went super shit
jks deserves a major
3? I can only count two London and The Liquid one in Cologne 2016 in London Navi just got destroyed from astralis same happened in cologne 2016. s1mple just got destroyed, and so doesnt deserve one...
s1mple has the skill to win a major, but he isnt a good teammate for that to happen