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TOP-10 Players in your country?
Ran out of players. I couldn't think of any others so i just put a random one
TOP-10 Players in your country?
1. Sergej 2. allu 3. sunny 4. aleksib 5. ottond 6. jamppi 7. xseven 8. aerial 9. zehn 10. KHRN This is by current form, not by all time. If it was by all time then allu and sunny would be ahead of se...
Top 10 for past 30 weeks and top 5 for like 20. Fluke? I don't understand.
How the fuck is ence fluke? And i know my flag and flair checkout but still. Could you explain to me how they are a fluke?
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Top 5 worst countries you have been to?
Well it's like there is no order and it's kind of all over the place
Top 5 worst countries you have been to?
Well i was in detroit visiting my cousin so it wasn't really like a holiday trip. But probably other cities are very beautiful.
Your whole text just answers your own question.
Top 5 worst countries you have been to?
1. China (What a fuckfest that country is) 2. Greece but i think it was because we were at a pretty shitty city 3. USA (Also a complete fuckfest but its beautiful at many places) 4. Russia (Probably a...
liquid still wins
Quarter Finals Today
About what?
To all Ence fans:
Not anything
top 20 atm
Alright calm down you little shit not my fault it's still on the front page
best aimer or cheater - DOUDOU
Yeah ok he is banned for ban evasion on faceit currently. Don't really know what that means. Either he is the greatest pug player of all fucking time or he cheats. I think the second option is way mor...
top 20 atm
Im sorry but rez and guardian don't belong on that list at all if you look at current form. I can't really judge rez that well tbh since he plays on a pretty shitty team rn but guardian has in such ba...