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device found in my house
Lmao +1
i7 6700K
Mine is consistantly locked on 299fps with my 6700k, i do play on 1024x728 or something and on not the highest graphics neither. run a 1070 with it aswell.
rain or jkaem ?
rain is and entry fragger while jkaem is a support player, how can you compare. +1 Rain's the best overall
Your subscriptions?
Forgot i had gyazo pro too lol.
Your subscriptions?
Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Viaplay, HBO, Sumo, Faceit, NPL on faceit, ESEA, Twitch Prime, Xbox gold, Playstation plus, UFC, Apple music, Nor newspapers (VG, dagblad, aften), YouTube membership to a few c...
i r8 your username v 100.0
ofc not, would never bring that shame on my family.
Yes, we use ut ali tbh.
I guess ur faceit level [elo] vol2
Aight the old thread is kinda way2big to answer so here you go All I need to know about u to guess your faceit level is: 1. Globa| bout 2000-2100 2. 20 3. Played css since 9.sept 2009 4 . average i...
AGO vs Nordavind
The current rooster got announced 8 march 2019, its not even a month old.. The old rooster have played those previous matches.
AGO vs Nordavind
yeah, back when was young. The kid is only 18 atm.
AGO vs Nordavind
Nordavind has a brand new rooster, they just brought in cromen, radifaction & tenzki. Atm they are #1 in the norwegian league but only result with new rooster outside norways is againts Havuu
AGO vs Nordavind
You funny, hallzerk is norway's best awper
Rain real name
Håvard Nygaard / Haavard with peasant alphabet
Actully proof flusha is cheating
It's actully just a referall link to origins PC's giveaway.. eksde just wanted them entries. EDIT: Added link to origins giveaway for proof