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Linux gaming is BETTER than Windows?
It’s gotten decent but it’s still quite a way from being on windows level.
Mathimatical equation of skills
more cheats = more 1 taps
Bymas good?
rain is washed and sucks. Bymas just sucks
Bymas good?
He is about as good as rain who faze fans is good.
I have been stalking a bunch of professional players
Back to Fnatic
They wouldn’t have bought bubzki if they come back. All these clowns they signed before that were for free to fill out the roster and attend tournaments while they’re waiting for those two. But now I ...
R8 astralis iq
Nah. They had the best team and fucked it up. Now they sign inferior players because the top team players don’t want to play so much anymore. Astralis org just pretends to sign multi man roster. I dou...
Least surprising pro to switch to valorant
All the washed up na pros
Yup but doesn’t mean Stewie should stay
+1 Now that scapegoat nitr0 is gone he’ll use the igl excuse for sucking and liquid won’t improve.
Just hope he gets to a different platform and continues to be successful. All the dudes who left didn’t really manage to keep the viewership and hype. Just need 1 to succeed to fuck twitch.
LEC "storm"
Just wondering why it’s so selective. That game is owned by a chinese company. We’ve seen all the reports about the genocide and organ harvesting but nobody gets offended like this. Now they get a spo...
-Stewie when?
They had a little run despite of him. All he did was getting carried and scream. The main factor was all the top teams took the couple of tournaments before the player break off.
-Stewie when?
You smart, mens
LEC "storm"
Just wondering when and why people decide to get offended nowadays. It seems rather random.