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Bolsonaro Strawpoll
you said it Right +1 to this supreme gentleman
Bolsonaro Strawpoll
what? sucking dick is literally a way of showing love and affection...
Bolsonaro Strawpoll
no, being scared to 1v1 me in Chess is for idiots uscared
Bolsonaro Strawpoll
and sociology and Philosophy Arent? :D without them we wouldnt even have an idea, what a "Society" even is, or what "good" even is :D without Engineering we wouldnt have a Problem with manmade clima...
Bolsonaro Strawpoll
thanks you
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cut Funding for mathematics and Engineering = communist. thats how the nazis think. we should really exterminate this Kind
wtf? :D i laughed so fucking hard
Bolsonaro Strawpoll
i strongly disagree by far the most prominent Paradigma amongst social science is the "empirical-analytical"-Paradigma.. more subjective, critical Schools barely get any Publicity amongst the educatio...
Bolsonaro Strawpoll
miloshapiro lol
vitality fix
nah kio is done ;) he got last-picked in fpl eu twice in a row today
My intelligence
yes my scanners received the same Signals from his brainfrequences
your arm workout
i dont put a lot of Focus on arms, as i agree with #29 and think that unproportionally big arms are actually one of the most unaesthetic Features i do upper Body twice a week, flatbench -> inclinebe...
r8 idnian goddess
7/8 nice tits but ugly face
Best Days of Pro CSGO
yea sometimes if Teams that i like go far, i still occasionally get hyped About big lans
My intelligence
youre suffering from an early stage of shizophrenia take shrooms or lsd and go full nuts, then make a YouTube channel Talking About Chakras and the universe and peoples brainwaves and upload the Video...