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Top 7 teams rn
The HLTV rankings are based around a 3 month period afaik.
What made you happy this week
MiBR going 0 - 5 and FaZe clan only managing to win one game at Blast.
I'm just gonna point out that you are currently rating men on their apperance, I'm just sitting here expecting the next words to come out of your mouth to be "yummy dick bro, no homo".
ENCE are notorious for being shit in BO1s though.
mibr 0-6
Not only did they go 0 - 6, they didn't win a single one of the 1v1s either.
I don't know if mousesports as an organisation or team expect to be number 1, I'm sure their short term goal is to get back to winning ways and their long term goal is steady results, Karrigan fits th...
Do you believe in ghosts?
I 100% believe there's aliens out there, but ghosts, absolute bollox.
Uhm, well, up here in Finland we're just used to it... It's like heat waves and deadly spiders / snakes for you.
New faze
Even though I think NiKo would struggle with him, they could take a look at MSL.
Most Hated Person from your Country
Hard to say in general, but right now it's probably our recently resigned prime minister, Sipilä. Wasting 200 - 300 million euros of tax payers money on a reform he and everyone knew would never pass.
mouz wont work 2
I think karrigan will turn w0xic into a good player, not sure about frozen as I've never seen him play at all.I also feel ropz will benefit from having karrigan there.
Team Liquid fix
Why would you replace NAF with a washed up player? No ffence to jdm, he looked quite alright when Karrigan was in Envy but I just don't see the point.
faze best option rn
Best option: disband.
This is true, I just happened to be bored. :D
It definitely has been blacklisted.