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Meh, it happened to me when I was 25, the solution is easy, shave it off and don't care about it.
That could be their name. Or the Hair Bleech Bunch.
aleksib, because somebody has to bring the hair and the go a then go b strats. elige, because how could you pass up on him right now. v4lde, easily the most consistent rifler out there. JW, because we...
girl advice (dating)
Or maybe that's what she secretly wants, him being up her ass all the time.
Businessmen Come!!!
Does running a porn casting studio in my mum's basement count as a business?
Sad truth of CSGO
As I said, they had their moments, but they stuck around way too long after that.
Top 5 Roster Changes 2019
The stan effect is already in place. Initial success followed by total failure, that's every team with him on it.
Sad truth of CSGO
He's not wrong in mentioning them though, all of them had their moment, that doesn't mean they have a place in the game today, which was shown by gob b's underwhelming play and strategies towards the ...
Krieg isnt the problem
The variation doesn't fully kick in untill the ninth bullet, the weapon sway doesn't start untill the 12th or so. So yes, you can do 12 reasonably accurate and 8 really accurate without even controlli...
Beijing was good event
IEM Sydney is always great despite the time difference. Our friends down under really know how to be hyped.
Arent short girls unattractive?
I'm so curious as to how tall a girl is would make any difference.
Top 3 best roster changes 2019?
Eh, I wouldn't put any money on FURIA actually being better with Hen1. They could just as well have had one good tournament and go back into regressing again. They're not exactly the strat heaviest te...
Krieg isnt the problem
Inaccurate for spraying? The first 8 bullets go pin point straight as long as you just pull down slightly to the left. :P
FaZe appreciation thread
Well, seeing as he has to carry the other bots along I'm sure it gets a bit tilting at times, but just like I can't stand players like stew for his antics I can't stand NiKo for that reason and I can'...
Is Trump the biggest rustler that has ever lived?
Since he also ruled a 4 year period, Emperor Caligula probably comes quite close if we compare the world population 2000 years ago relative to today. He was almost universally hated.