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What is most likely to happen to OG
I'd like to see flusha join in, mostly because CS isn't the same without him and his weird moments.
Deagle nerf after Katowice
Deaco is an old 1.5/1.6 term, it was extremely common to just run deagle kevlar back then as all the other 'semi buy' guns were useless. It's not a 'some point' phrase but something which has existed ...
Deagle nerf after Katowice
It's not random, that's one gut shot one chest shot.
G2 fix!
Well, the choko ego ruins the team part is generally true, when was the last time you saw a team with NiKo on it looking like a well oiled machine and not a "you 4 bots set me up to succeed" scenario?...
mouz dexter
Based on what I've seen from him pre online era he was quite the capable fragger, as for his style of play, I've got no clue as I don't really follow Aussie CS.
ENCE 2021
They can always kick him 2 days before a major, np 200 iq strat.
Imagine thinking JuGi will fix anything. You'd be replacing one 4750$ decoy with another.
FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
That's because you're watching people with 15000 hours played and well planned builds. They don't struggle because they've mastered the game.
FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
This is literally the single most uninformed comment I've ever seen. You're talking about arguably the most complex game around where build creation takes hours to days of minmaxing and what you're ba...
Imagine being so delusional as to think any Brazilian player deserves a top 20 spot this year after spending most of the year playing against t2 teams in NA. Yes that includes EG and Liquid as we saw ...
G2 future
I dunno, I think they look worse with NiKo. Their results weren't great before NiKo but they looked like a steady team, after getting NiKo they are a NiKo 40 bomb on Mirage or D2 and we'll just hope a...
Nordic Prison vs USA Apartments
This is simply the lowest security prisons. There are still regular prisons like those everywhere else where the real hard criminals sit. Those 'nice' prisons are more about rehabilitation than punish...
C9 best international team already ?
Complexity literally handed them the comeback for free, C9 played well but it wasn't exactly the greatest win of all time.
stewie 2 trash
In what univers isn't he the problem? They look tactically flawed in every regard, that has to reflect on the igl and the coach. I'm saying this as one of the few Europeans here who wants to see Liqui...