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The best Presidents of all time ?
B site LMAO
Faceit, hosts of the worst CS:GO major as well as being the company who keep forcing half assed online leagues onto the scene just to feed Bardolph's and DDK's ego being greedy? No way bruv, that woul...
r8 cutie
Defo underaged, pedo
r8 cutie
She does legit look like she's no older than 14. We may have to get the FBI involved indeed. It's very likely OP stroked the bratwurst while looking at the pictures.
faceit 0.87 kd
I don't speak Russian, well, ok, I do speak a little and understand the basics but not enough to really communicate with them.
faceit 0.87 kd
That's not true in my experience. The Poles and Turks are way worse than the Russians.
B-site 'talent"
Well, as a team it's easy to pick, do you pick something sponsored by the company who set up arguably one of the worst majors of all time and get harassed by pala and his creepy stare or do you go wit...
HLTV is anti-anime
The two things are kind of related yes.
Coronavirus possibly in Montréal
That's what happens when we let people travel freely to and from the third world.
Good luck is all I have to say.
Most Profit From Cases
And I thought I was bad at self control for spending 500€ on LoL skins some years back. Even if you have the money to burn, why would you put 30k into cs:go lootboxes when you could buy 30k worth of c...
Finnish users in HLTV
I want to become rich
You sir, you will be rich in no time.
f0rest, friberg, GeT_RiGhT and xizt
Let's face it, it's just Fifflaren and friends, it's not a team built for winning tournaments, or even being competitive. It's a last ditch attempt att milking as much merch money as possible before t...
I want to become rich
It's also a question of what you consider rich, a few millions? A Few hundred millions? A billion? It's rare, but not uncommon for people to make a few millions through investments or smaller business...