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New VP is SHIT

Short stoury about snax

Snax in 2k14: im good
Snax in 2k15: im very good
Snax in 2k16: pasha fak off, awp mine now
Snax in 2k17: taz fak off, me igl and u 3 grandpas are too shit for my tacts
Snax in 2k18: taz kicked, now we can win some
Snax still in 2k18: omg, dead team!11!1!111!!+
Snax again in 2k18: time to leave because team dead xDDDDDDDDDD
Snax in 2k19: i wasn't performing in mouz because they couldnt use my potencial in the right way
Snax in 2k19 v2: Roman you debil, give me VP xaxaxa
Snax now: 0-2 vs tier 3 teams, going last place on their first lan vs nonamers, top 7 in Poland

Welcome new VP, hope you'll disband soon :)

Flag changed cuz some yellow teeth guy called me a polak
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