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FaZe would never reach top 1 again
tbh only difference is presence of karrigan, he made mouse a good team and now he is helping FaZe.
FaZe would never reach top 1 again For this
Dota is FalleN's second favourite game, he follows and plays Dota regularly
FaZe's next EVENT
they got invited to dreamhack, they are partnered team .
FaZe's next EVENT
ngl imo faze are bigger than g2. they have more teams and more titles and more players/content creators. G2 plays LOL (LEC) that is only game in which faze dont have a team. FaZe are bigger than G2 in...
FaZe's next EVENT
i dont know about the biggest org in the world but they are the most followed org (social media) and they have pretty big names, single faze player's brand value is huge (except broky as he is quite y...
FaZe's next EVENT
ngl, FaZe is 15th rank but they bring the hype and viewership so they may get slot.
Will FaZe ever be good again?
i can agree before karrigan joined, faze players were looking terrible as they did not have any igl but with karrigan they are currently looking better. tbh karrigan already took the decision and no o...
Will FaZe ever be good again?
i wanted to show you current form you dumb fuck. get the fuck out of here. what he did 2 months ago doesnt show his real form. and if you want to talk about past 3 months let me show you all time stat...
Will FaZe ever be good again?
lol you are so dumb, fucking silver mind.
Will FaZe ever be good again?
stop saying frozen have more talent, they are in pro scene for more than 3 years and except some tournaments he always played dogshit. csgo is not only mechanics but also game sense and attitude, karr...
Will FaZe ever be good again?
you will also see in 6 months when mouse disbands. and tbh i wont be sad if rain gets kicked and faze buy an awper and shift broky again to rifle