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Mark is sitting and closing the cap on a water bottle. He seems exhausted and notices Billy entering the stage.
Billy: Hey, excuse me big guy did you hear some uh noises going around in here? A couple minutes ago I was in the other room working out and I just heard uh I don't know...
Mark: Yeah. I just finished wrestling some jabroni here and uh knocked him out.
Billy: (Perplexed) Jabroni?
Mark: Yeah, some guy... some guy wanted to challenge me in a wrestling match— (interrupted by Billy)
Billy: No no no—
Mark: …(unintelligible)... and well 1 2 3… nothing!
Billy: No wha... what’s with the jaroni thing I mean I'm half-Italian so is that something— (evidently interrupted by Mark)
Mark: Whaaaa… Well this guy thought he was pretty tough and uh—
Billy: Really?
Mark: ...and thought he could take me so I uh you know, put a couple of rounds on him.
Billy: Well, you know most Italians do think that they are pretty tough. I think i'm pretty tough.
Mark: Yeah?
Billy: You think you are pretty tough?
Mark: Well, [sic] just have a match and I'm a little tired but uh I think I know what's going on around if that's what you're into you wanna uh—
Billy: Listen, I was in the other room if that's what you call a match I got news for you buddy you ain't have nothin like me before.
Mark: Maybe you and I should try and uh settle it then uh—
Billy: ...that sounds like a— (instantly interrupted)
Mark: …ring right here I got a little—
Billy: Are you… Are you sure you know what you are getting yourself into?
Mark: Well, I gotta get my haircut in about uh half an hour…(unintelligible)
Billy: Well, maybe you can do that right after you come out of the hospital.
Mark: Well, let's give it a go.
Billy: Really? Well I think—
Mark: You're a pretty big guy uh—
Billy: You're a pretty big guy… (unintelligible) slow… (unintelligible) you know…
Mark: I'm a bit uh… pretty quick so—
Billy: Well what do you want to bet for?
Mark: (unintelligible)
Billy: (More stern tone) What do you want to bet for?
Mark: I don't know whatever you want. What do you think?
Billy: I'll tell you what. I seem to be the intellect of both of us. I'll tell you what. Lets uh let's bet your ass. I win, I take your ass how's that sound?
Mark: What you’re gonna fuck me in the ass? Is that what you mean?
Billy: (Looks intently at Mark) You want me to, don't you?
Mark looks completely dumbfounded with the demands before recovering and responding.
Mark: Well whatever you want to do. If that's what you want to do [sic]. If you think you can beat me 1-2-3, yeah you can fuck me in the ass we’ll go!
Billy: You know what I think you talk too much shit. Listen, I'm a Roman-Greco wrestler... you just want to start off right now?
Mark: Yeah... sure you wanna go Roman-Greco? Alright let's go—
Billy: Yeah, lets go dude.
Mark: Alright, you want to start on bottom eh?
Billy: You wanna get on bottom? You know that's the point you want to be...
Mark: Alright, let's see what you got! C'mon man!

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