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C9 roster leak.
do u know what fluke means? Yes they played well, but they never did it again, hence being called a fluke, which means a one off, not a lucky event or whatever
Will WW3 happen?
nay, no-one would be stupid enough to attack others, just to get nuked themselves
lmao this guy
VITALITY International??
VITALITY International??
sure, but a lot of players also dont need shit roles to suceed. IMO they should try this roster ^^ then add back RPK if shox doesnt work
VITALITY International??
give him time, and u wouldn't bench someone u just spend 400k on
VITALITY International??
who takes shit role in Liquid? Navi? Fnatic? EG? G2? support roles are not NEEDED anymore. Some teams have them, some dont. I dont think with ALEX, Espi and Tabsen another support element is needed
VITALITY International??
technically sure, but they are considered a french team (4 french players 1 UK) on the other hand, this lineup ^^ would be considered international (2 french, 1 UK, 1 german, 1 lithuanian)
VITALITY International??
since joining vitality, shox has played better then RPK. Agreed RPK takes the shit roles, but after spending 400k on shox, and since we dont rlly NEED a support if we have dedicated entry and igl, i w...
VITALITY International??
NAVI International
glaive>boom magisk=elec rest navi are better, but astralis better teamplay and tactics
he has to learn english and go EU/NA, Poland isnt good enough for him. Snatchie is ok, but even the best polish team wouldnt be top 15
people just play better at times then others. You never gone a couple of months playing bad?
people toxic to us more then we toxic to others mens)))
OG Awper
wardell AWP Issa entry, valde star