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Fox = Mourinho
21st century is more then 1 year. Mou has shown much more then Zidane. Who knows, maybe Zidane will be even better then Mou, but rn Mou has achieved more, and overall is better. This arrgument is like...
NA dreamteam
no limits? then if i decided to make a swedish team in 2018, i could use prime GTR, [rime JW, prime Forest, prime Krimz, prime Olof? becuz there are no limits right?
NA dreamteam
steel cant play valve events, so for a superteam would be useless. wardell is a superstar awper, and could replace naf, but rush cant play support, he is by far better when used as entry
NA dreamteam
igl has to be stanislaw. star players have to be twisstz and automatic support would be fugly then naf, because i think he would suit the team better, but elige and stewie could fill in
Fnatic > nip
im a fnatic fan, but im not sure if krimz is better then forest, and rez is better then brollan.
Fixing Brazilian Scene
honestly, i think brazil has some great players, but their time is over. They have fallen cold fer, but I know taco would never play again, boltz highly doubt we would return after how they treated hi...
most overrated pro
Did not know those stats, but Edward also plays a supporting role and they have simaler stats in big games I think, and Edward has more experience and honestly I wouldn’t mind if they replace flamie ...
most overrated pro
underated? he sometimes frags below both zeus and edward is matches, and always below one of them. He is honestly such an underwhelming player. obvi skill, but for whatever reason canst show it, and i...
most overrated pro
twisstz, kennys, scream, ropz, swag, snax, k0nfig, nifty, flamie. this doesnt mean they are bad, just overated CURRENTLY (like kenny was insane at his peak, rn he isnt in great form last year) underat...
NiKo MVP, rly?
LMFAO NIKO NUMBA 1?????????? so u think winning 1 tournament makes u best player in world xDDDDDDDD im crying
Faze > Astralis
bruh, astralis would destroy faze, and i prefer faze to astralis