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Cloud9 becoming joke
C9 are trying to bring up a new player from NA to grow the scene. If you only choose from the players who have established themselves in the scene no new talent comes up because no one is willing to g...
Cloud9 becoming joke
The only EU league they would have to play in is the major qualifier if they went 3/5 EU the org is still based in NA and everyone on the team lives in NA so they would play in NA leagues
NA has very little talent that can compete at a t1 level and most of the talents are brain dead aimers
Kio isn't a reject he's a very good player it's just him and the French scene don't seem to get along. Golden has the potential to be a very good igl given what he did with fnatic in a short amount of...
FaZe wish they could have Kio.
You obviously haven't watched much of Vice's progress. He went from being the worst player in Rogue when he joined to the second best after SicK. C9 is trying to bring another player up from NA so the...
BLAST options.
BLAST Calgary pls :)
why C9 get JUGi instead of k0nfig?
Auti awp > Jugi awp Auti rifle >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jugi rifle
NRG Autimatic
It still wouldn't be first in that case because Cerq is Bulgarian Tarik is still Turkish, Brehze is pinoy af
Is NIP a tier 1 team?
If Ence is tier 1, Cloud9 is tier 1
Cloud9 Jugi
That's fair his positioning with the awp was pretty sub-par but that's also the reason why I think he'd be absolutely nuts if he stayed on the awp and learned how to better position himself for frags....
karr1gan 1 KILL
Shit for 3 years? He took FaZe and made them a top 3 team in the world in late 2017/early 2018
Cloud9 Jugi
I agree that auti's rifling is better than his awp, but he hasn't been on the awp that long I think given time he could be a top awper in the world (maybe I'm biased because he's my favorite player). ...
Cloud9 Jugi
It really all depends on if Golden can bring Jugi back to the kind of awping he did on Heroic
Cloud9 Jugi
I would have much rather have seen konfig come to cloud9 than Jugi and I don't agree with Auti giving up the awp for Jugi. The only plus side to this is they're keeping Kio and rightfully so he deserv...