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According to rushb media Daps and Auti are close to being signed by Gen.G
metal knowledge test
metal knowledge test
1. 13 2. Chromium 3. Time it's take for an isotope to lose half its atoms
Tenz back on C9?
C9 bring TenZ back, pick up AleksiB and Wardell if Mixwell goes to Gen.G with Auti and Daps. Or they keep Mixwell and pick up moose or MarkE?
GEN.G Roster?
+1 decent roster
xxxhoshi, former cloud9 fanboy. ama
Will you cheer for Auti and Daps if they actually do end upoving over to Gen.G?
True fair enough I forgot about that. Then I truly don't know who they could take besides Koosta unless they pick up like floppy or something. Not sure who else they could take from the EU scene whose...
Mixwell said he wanted to be a dedicated awp when he joined Cloud9 it was years ago when he said he wanted to rifle
If they do end up moving over to Gen.G they should take Mixwell with them and then pick up shipz and Konfig I think it could work well Daps Autimatic Mixwell Shipz Konfig
c9 kick daps
If he was so well known why wasn't he picked up by an EU team? Daps took the chance on him therefore Daps scouted him into the elite of counter-strike
xxxhoshi, former cloud9 fanboy. ama
Are you sleeping on cloud 9?
C9 fans
Source that says Mixwell might be going back to Riders?
Best possible c9 team
The issue is this system they're running where Daps doesn't have full control over strats they are 5 minds playing for information and picks or they group up and make an execute onto either site. The ...
C9 disband
There's a rumour going around saying if they don't produce any results in DH Atlanta they will disband and based on what dekay is saying I think it's true. But if they were to stick together they make...
Does Mixwell still have a spot in Movistar Riders ?
Daps is trying a completely different system that he's ever run before. Most of his team's have been him and the coach making the strategic calls while in this system everybody is kind of giving input...