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Evil Geniuses vs Gen.G
Daps will go absolute try hard mode. Should be an ez 2-0 Gen.G if any of the other players show up
Gen.G will win RTR2 soon baby!!
I don't think it will be ez, but they can definitely do it if they buckle down and sort out this mid round calling issue. If they just take it 1 hurdle at a time starting with EG I think another final...
ez geng
Their midround calling is what's really holding them back. Auti touched on it a bit in his interview tonight, but when I watch them in the mid rounds it looks disorganized and like no one knows what t...
Gaules Drama
I will say that the Leaf clips did look suspicious as fuck, but he is innocent until proven guilty. I can't in good conscience say he is cheating, when I don't know that for a fact, and none of us do....
Gen.G vs Cloud9
fer furia drama
I agree. The OP calls Furia snowflakes, but MIBR are the ones crying about it and think they are entitled to their way because they paved the way for Brazilian cs. Yes they are legends, but that gives...
fer furia drama
Fallen also tweets out that only pussies try to win no matter what, but has tweeted multiple times that his team would try to win no matter what lmao. TwoFaced Toledo strikes again
furia rank #4??
They don't consistently beat Gen.G Furia wins a bo3 2-0 and a bo1 and suddenly everyone forgets that Gen.G 2-0ed them in Anaheim on LAN and then 2-1ed them at road to Rio.
Problems with girlfriend
My parents split when I was 14 and it destroyed our family. I will do anything in my power to not have that happen to my kids so they don't have to feel helpless and lost like I did
Problems with girlfriend
My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years now, it doesn't get any easier friend. People are just naturally born to focus on negative things instead of positive, because pain overbears ...
FURIA vs Gen.G