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NiKo absurdly rekt
they are known but honestly they are just opinion makers, some agree, some disagree, i personally disagree in the most part
NiKo absurdly rekt
2 nerds
your fps in dm server ?
around 150-170 gtx 1650 and i5 4460
if you want to name single events also, on that events...
my friend cant join my workshop map
stfu u dumb burro do crl vitality before alex couldnt even win an online qualifier shut your fucking mouth
C9 fake hype
stfu vitality started winning events when alex came, before alex they couldnt even win an online qualifier
Not rain's fault
before an igl they an anchor player, someone like taco, neither rain neither kjaerbye are anchor, and taco would be a 2 in 1, an acnhor and entry and then rain would be able to not sacrifice himself l...
Furia its like "ok yupiii br win"
stfu if a team of your country is winning against t1 teams you should be proud, or should br only be hyped with a team performance only if they went against many difficulties
daps/stewie2k swap
nah, daps will make another team with fpl stars like he did with s0m and some orgless players like the cloud 9 roster
please kick ynk
do you think og mone>faze money ? and og had to buy a whole roster
"EG Robbed"
then no one is top 1, no one is beating teams besides the teams on their continent
I rate your football opinion
Favorite team: Gil Vicente (Local team) Man United (outside my country) Favorite active player: Cristiano Ronaldo Favorite player of all time: Cristiano Ronaldo GOAT: Cristiano Ronaldo Best coach in t...