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Ropz is the best player in the world
elige and ropz for sure!
Destroy a map in 1 change
Lol Loving this thread.
Im from Argentina living in Barcelona. Best people i`ve met are italians (having a lot of friends) 1) rate food: 6/8 2) rate people: 8/8 3) rate history and touristic places: 8/8 4) rate politic: 4/8...
I dont understand your comments. Greetings!
I`d love to see him as a 6th player in fnatic More rotations because of the travels to play more tournaments (players could rest more) Best chemistry with all the members. News strats and things from...
I`d love to see him as a 6th player in fnatic (for rotation, travels, chemistry, strats, etc)
-EasTor +Who?
I agree. But, for example, syrsoN (BIG) wasnt neither. He changed roll with an "advanced age" and he is doing pretty well =) I think meyern could do that easily. I understand he used to AWP before t...
-EasTor +Who?
1.6 stream
I play 1.6. But i love watching CS;GO. I think actually still more active servers 1.6 than CSGO.
Cars - old vs new
Its kinda a "MiniBeast" xD
I'll rate your car
I used to have this: "CLIO MIO" (an economic city version of the CLIO 2 model) https://i1.wp.com/www.perezloizeau.com/images/2014/10/Renault_Clio_Mio_Dynamique_1.jpg Now i moved to Barcelona and i do...
- I go sleep between 24 - 1 am. - Wake up around 8.30 / 9 am (now im working from home). - if not 7.30 / 8 am (before when i`ve to go to the office). EDIT: 29 yo.
Cars - old vs new
Renault Clio Williams ♥
prime Astralis vs any other team during their prime?
Yeap! I`d like to add VS --> the craziness of fnatic too.