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Zombie Escape
Boca or River
River, for sure.
No more NA Event
Didnt remember Optic there. https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/ESL/One/2018/Belo_Horizonte
No more NA Event
The Belo Horizonte event was insane. i loved Brasilian energy! (players too)
Should Fnatic’s era actually be called a dynasty?
+1 NIP= era. Fnatic= Dynasty. SK= era. Astralis= we´ll know. (for the moment, era for sure).
Astralis era over?
Don´t think so! They were on vacations.... first tournament after that mini break. They surely´ll win IEM Chicago
It´d be nice to see him in fnatic: -Xizt +karrigan.
Best football team in Europe
1. Real Madrid (Esp) 2. AC Milan (Ita) 3. Independiente (Arg) 4. Boca Juniors (Arg) 5. Barcelona (Esp) 6. River Plate (Arg)
fnatic fix
-Xizt +Golden
Im tired of Xizt. Worst fnatic´s incorporation since the last years. Standar player and also doesnt empower his teammates. Bad calls, bad decisions. #BringGoldenBack.
i tell you your real iq
- does pineapple belong on a pizza, yes or no: NEVER - who is top1 2018: We will know in 2 months. - which shoe do you put on first: Left one (I´m left handed) - what clothing parts (excluding underwe...
Im tired of Xizt. Worst fnatic´s incorporation since the last years. He is a regular player, and also he does not empower his teammates. #BringGoldenBack
build 2 super-teams
1) Remember Miami Flamingos or Gale Force? Those were Argentinian teams who wins the ESL Premier league 2 o 3 times. But after that, they felt in the playoff... But they had really good material to b...
build 2 super-teams
NA/SA BRA - coldzera IGL / Second AWP ARG - JonyBoy AWP ARG - NicoM ARG - guishorro MEX - MarkE EU SWE - Golden IGL SLO - Guardian AWP SWE - Olof FRA - shox RUS - electronic