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Astralis ???
Trash org Edit: could it be two games in one day?
OG xyp9x
Lmao if you think Nikolaj Nyholm is anything other than a greedy poc waiting to cash out I have other news for you. Sadly the Astralis legacy won't be the lineups achievements, rather it will be how t...
Just wait, astralis org is trash and will kill the team
Why xyp9x left??
No astralis CEO is actually trash tho
How are EG still in top10?
It's more that no other team is doing enough to oust them
Respect FalleN history for the scene
CHINA is responsible??
Cya in 10.... Hopefully
New taz neo team
There is no FaZe fix
Yeah but you missed my point where nobody is able to reliably best astralis, yet alone astralis at their peak. You can't blame teams for not being able to beat the greatest team csgo has ever seen
There is no FaZe fix
Yes lets make a player change because the team who has dominated everyone for two years continues to beat faze(keeping in mind gla1ve is out for three months now)
i can fix any team in top 20 (fullproof)
The only way you can replace Stewie is if you can get a coach like zonic who can fill that emotional void, unlike adren Edit: who else is there on this team to pick people up when they start to tilt, ...
i can fix any team in top 20 (fullproof)
Stewie isn't the problem, he is the only emotional support on the team, which is worth way more from a supportive position than most stats can quantify
18.05 CS predictions and analysis
1 map advantage rule is stupid.
yeah but the lower bracket team either got 1:A second life 2:A horrible group seeding Its supposed to be hard if one of those two happen
1 map advantage rule is stupid.
Yeah it used to be more common, then they moved to the standard playoff brackets that literally everyone else in the world uses. Places are starting to move back towards dbl elim for playoffs because ...