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Astralis too obvious
And almost immediately apologized, if astralis is cheating with some kind of vision assistance to allow them to see through smoke, then every tournament organizer is in on some grand conspiracy... The...
that came when they asked everyone to leave the venue(after 3 hours of delays)
Vitality domination against Valiance
did it end up being 16-13 across all maps, or was the last one 16-14, I cant remember being my mind has been drained by this IbP nonsense
stage setup issues, #1, the players were infront of the screen and could easily see it, second apparently some players could see others screens
iBP funniest part
I thought it had to do with stage setup, but this is taking a really long time
they have a chance at this rate, we will be starting the match at midnight and both teams will be tired
not bait cant even spell xyp9x omegaLUL
IBP masters 2012 mistake
ikr? I thought this was the most basic thing ever...
OT too long
theyll continue to play in the venue, just the crowd will have to leave. at some point the game will end
What is your Job?
alarm programmer, 43k. wearing jeans and a teeshirt to work is pretty nice, I guess
mouz fix
to be fair, you lose your ct pistol to some nonsense pug strat youre not expecting and thats 3 rounds right there(totally not talking from personal experience)
Ill blame this one on ignorance, you just have not had good bbq sauce. I will agree that there are some god awful bbq sauces but when you find a good one, it fills a void in your life. take it from t...
lmao 0/8
Minor winners ?
really, no mouse?