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Local lan situation
Did he fuck you hard or was he just cock-teasing you all along??
New pistol rounds.
If I go into a clothes-and-armour shop in downtown Novosibirsk city center and want to buy ak-47 with a helmet, the shop owner will probably not force me to buy a vest. if he does try, I will go to an...
New meta = buy helmet only for $350
-You can get shot in the chest with a lot of guns and if the round timer is infinite, you don't bleed to death because the round magically timeshifts into an altered reality. -You can die instantly b...
next break out star player
s1mple. this guy could possiblly win 1 major within next 10 years very promising boy
New meta = buy helmet only for $350
Suggestion has nothing to do with adding more realism.
New meta = buy helmet only for $350
Game rules apply until changed, obviously. With the current "logic", you should first be able to purchase a different secondary pistol after you buy a primary. The primary being the precursor in the ...
Pistol rounds
lawl just buy kek9 and an HE when you play pistol round as T you are virtually a floating head for the CT anyway
Easiest map to international elite on MM. SECRET REVEALED
Then be happy. because only players worse than finns are NA. sorry men
CS 1.6 to CSGO sensitivity
I think I was around 2.30 with 400 dpi back in the day. Now I'm at 1.43 or something like that with 800 dpi. In all FPS game I have to be able to do a full 180 turn-around with just one swipe of the ...
Respect Steven2k thread
lolwut? I am trying to make people stop hating stewart by calling attention to his disability, so maybe we can respect that disabled people still have a place in this great game
.gla1ve + msl
-device +msl
lol you dont cheer when the other team scores a godlike goal in football. why the fuck would you start cheering in cs or any other activity
yhes. steve2000 is truly the best to ever play this game
retarded to expect a home crowd to cheer for the away team, tbh
Gla1ve looks like a baby
more like "not gay if you can't remember it because drunk"