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public ranking 0/8. Just make the ranking calculations public.
Church Girl Timeline
Well talking to her is kinda the first step and also, what do you have to lose? If she rejects you (which I really doubt would happen unless she has a good reason to) then there's not much you can or ...
#kpop twitter
That literally makes no sense lol
Identifying the problems in pro teams (TOP10)
Those decisions are made with months and months of negotiations. Many teams search for players while finding nothing. You realize that some players cost millions? That isn't a choice like "lol we want...
Identifying the problems in pro teams (TOP10)
Even if I didn't read any of the fixes you made, I know this list will be shit. Why? Because your information is based on watching pro games. You or me or anyone on HLTV won't have any idea what happe...
How do I get a gf?
I guess that's fine. It's your life after all and everyone has a guilty pleasure.
How do I get a gf?
Actual tips? - Get off hltv, not just for now, for life. There's nothing here that would add to your life. If you're interested in competitive cs you can check the matches but the forums are just ther...
Identifying the problems in pro teams (TOP10)
I often see these threads/comments about "fixing" pro teams, but 99% of the time they are awful. Bruh, are you actually this unaware of yourself?
#kpop twitter
You probably won't even realize it here but k-pop artists are so much more popular than any artists in the west.
8 eggs a day? (gym)
Checked a few of the sources and yea, eating foods which contain cholesterol probably does increase cholesterol in blood. The problem here is that they don't specify what kind of cholesterol so that s...
Joe joining what team?
Joe best megaloboxer
You're from Bangladesh. Go kill them lol
Finlando come here
I miss thorin + Stunna on the desk
no one cars