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nice try Furia
G2 > Fnatic
lmao g2 are trash i am amazed they did not go out 0-3 but unfortunately vega choked when they really should not have
about 98% of that stuff i know and love so yeah you have good taste my dude also nocturnus are a sick live band saw them at hellfest 2014 play The Key in full it was nuts
i cosign this guys post all of these bands are sick also add in Fallujah, Obscura, First Fragment, Archspire, Aborted, Cytotoxin, Benighted, Virvum, Bloodshot Dawn, Inferi, tbh i could add so many ban...
Will Fnatic make it?
it is best of threes so they should have a better time getting through but it depends on whom they are matched against they should be greyhound but it depends on whomstve is there 1-2 and their 2-2 ma...
fav metal song?
At the Gates - World of Lies or Bloodshot Dawn - The Image Faded or The Black Dahlia Murder - Deathmask Divine or Fallujah - Venom Upon the Blade
3-0 Pickem prediction
yeah i have quite an analytical mind and i like to give reasoning to why i think it because i feel logic should be there to back up a claim no matter how reasonable but yeah i may be overvaluing Fnati...
3-0 Pickem prediction
I feel that Astralis will win this year however it won't be as dominant as London and i feel after ibuypower despite all the tech difficulties and the fact the noise cancelling headsets were not worki...
3-0 Pickem prediction
yeah you get me that system is utter shit tbh i'd like cs to have double elim for the top 8 aswell since that would be amazing but i doubt that it will ever happen.
3-0 Pickem prediction
yeah not gonna lie at London there were some matches where teams should not have faced each other in the 2-2 groups like NIP getting mibr was a utter shit pairing they should have had g2, Mibr should ...
3-0 Pickem prediction
this is implying and hoping the event would not be stupid enough to match NIP and Fnatic if they were both 2-0
3-0 Pickem prediction
Fnatic Nip or Ence are the 3 who are most likely to get the 3-0 potentially Vitality and NRG maybe Cloud 9 if Kioshima and Autimatic goes fucking ham but it should be NIP and Fnatic
yeah liquid should have been number 2 tbh navi should have been 3rd but getting to 3rd is very impressive for a team made of 2 cs players and 3 chimps
Luminosity vs FaZe
real talk faze should win this but i will laugh so fucking much if they don't since while some of the ex-immortals players are good faze should win this and if they don't adren and niko should just go...
Top 20 players 2018: 3rd
Niko is 3rd personally i would have put him at 5th and Electronic at 3rd and Dupreeh 4th Device will be 2nd as much as i love Astralis and Device, Simple is the number 1 player this year and interms o...