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Worst Major???
Toss up between Eleague Boston 2018 for the finals being boring because na cs is just like watching apes fling shit at one another plus never liked faze clan or watching them (except Karrigan he's awe...
Zywoo does not speak fluent English that ain't happening plus why would he join trash like Faze when he can join G2 which is a better international roster an has Frenchies in there to help him get use...
Astralis vs mousesports
Legit I don't like picking between my 2 favourite teams but I reckon Mouz will take it 2-1 (all three games very close with one overtime) given Karrigans history of beating teams he previously captain...
Mad Lions respect thread
They got a raw deal getting Mouz as they are the number 2 team the fact they took vertigo off them aswell and made Nuke a competitive game nothing but respect for the 2nd best Danish roster and GOD HU...
MIBR did good!!!
They actually played very well and it seems like they have alot more the fundamentals back that made them enjoyable to watch in 2016 and 2017 regardless of what team you supported at the time and i ho...
God Hunden leader of the 2nd best team in Denmark
most memorable/sick pro clips 2019?
Device 1v3 at 3hp with 3 rounds left in pistol and clutching the round against nrg/eg that shit was fucking nuts
ropz would be good in FaZe
why would he leave mouz when they are better than faze. faze are pure trash without karrigan always will be
First non-boring astralis match
Mate then you did not see the eleague major finals or Astralis vs Fnatic IEM Chicago, ECS Season 6 finals vs MIBR, Astralis vs Liquid at the Berlin Major, Astralis vs Nrg and the Berlin Major etc etc ...
Mouz lucky af
Nah mate they were not lucky at all they played fucking super CS device just did not show up and kept being caught out of position and Karrigan called some superb rounds