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Favourite player and why?
Absolutely true
Not possible bro.
Simple might go 4 making way for EliGE at 3. Also KSCERATO and jame will be in top 20.
Astralis VS NaVi 2010
100 %
Astralis VS NaVi 2010
Astralis will win easily with use of utilities. 2010 navi players had good aim. But now the meta based on utilities and intensive teamwork.
Device has good aim
Yes. I agree. ELIGE is one of the most skilled player to touch the game.. But what sets device much ahead of EliGE is the control over Emotions. ELiGE gets carried away by his emotions and have to wor...
Dev1ce GOAT of CSGO
Truly GOAT! People who understand the game and the meta will definately not deny it. He may not be as pure aimer as simple and ZywOo. But his decision making and team play is what makes him GOAT!
Astralis 2020 roster change
I don't feel this will be the case. Even if astralis are having hard time, they will fight as a team instead of kicking out anyone. Aslo no 1 will leave the team like kjaerbye did back in 2018
Astralis 2020 roster change
Lol 😂😂😂
Navi perfect team?
IGL definately lacks experience. No doubt simple and electronic are world class player. Flamie won't make to top 20 2019. Guardian needs to make a comback. Definately not the perfect tram as of yet
Your salary in EURO
India Vlsi design engineer 280 Euros per month Might be least salary in entire thread
Most valuable player in the pro scene
Tbh, if aim of organisation is to win tournament, then MVP title goes to Gla1ve. IGL is pretty much underrated role also most difficult to achieve. there are excellent IGLs around but Gla1ve stands ...