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Yay I'm crazy \o/
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players to retire in 2019
maybe rpk nobody else will
Cheaters in Top 30
write for me we share 50 50
Simple GOAT???
Not GOAT yet , but soon. :) For sure biggest talent and most complete player in the game since the start. Or either poor russian cheater with good coder. :>
S1mple is GOAT
GOAT = greatest of ALL TIME, ALL TIME DUDE not 1 year lmao. He's cs god but not GOAT yet man
S1mple is GOAT
He needs to keep it up to become GOAT , tho I'm s1mple fan and for me he is top 1 rn, but for sure not GOAT
S1mple is GOAT
Do you even know meaning of GOAT?
allu talking shit about nip
low quality bait
ctrl+V thread
hang or wrist slit?
biggest heart pro player?
Take this message real no hatred bless You bro <3 My message brings more than You will ever hear in mass media they wanna You weak. Wake up brother. Good luck , take Your men and don't let them touch ...
biggest heart pro player?
I'm globetrotter from earth and born in Poland if You need to know.Ofc Im not ashamed of my country I'm proud of it. However I would be ashamed to be Swede and too afraid to walk on my own country str...
biggest heart pro player?
Retarded fanboy swede Retarded fanboy swede pick 1
coldzera is new get_right
not true taco back statsboost bait back ;3
biggest heart pro player?
It was not even a spit for him just to fix his cheater opinion which is truth. Its like philanthropists who make world wars (the ones who paid to hitler) but they are good men and help ppl officially...
s1mple or dev1ce
you mean cheater vs tier 2 player boosted by cheater's info? No idea what is worse
How to get out from the average
order 10$ private cheats and dont abuse lock and you are free to be tier 4 semipro welcome to cunter streak cheat shitensive ^^ #realtalk