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who is m1x
happens a lot in low pressure events/match, new mixed fpl players shows decent performance against top tier cs team. astralis has 0 knowledge of how their opponent plays while their opponent knows how...
Biggest snake in csgo?
golden and flusha kicking twist and xizt
EURO2020 winner?
100% good music
Wrist Aim vs Forearm Aim
High sens player 1200edpi and over: 1. use wrist for micro adjustmtent aim. 2. 20%arm 80%wrist to turn/check 180 angles. Mid sens player 800edpi - 1200edpi: 1. use wrist for micro adjustment aim. 2. ...
mibr 2 major navi egg major
Most loved players in CSGO
The one and only tarik the creator of the content of the king
Wrist Aim vs Forearm Aim
every high sens and low sens player aim with wrist, low sens player use their full arm really fast and wide to turn and check angles, but when they aim they use wrist just like high sens player and th...
FaZe are bad, here's an easy fix
ppl are just hatin on msl because of his attitude but as a player/IGL he could be a good addition for faze.
the best editing software
it doesnt matter its like asking which mouse is better you have loads of them, sony vega, adobe premier/ae, bandicut , final cut, blender ive done tons of quality videos with all of these software.
100T roster announce
should consider msl. msl igl vde kjb kfg jgi
100T roster announce
lol xizt is fnatic problem look where they at after kicking bot xizt
If HLTV closes forum
bored asf ama
why you play csgo?
because i will win major 2020 with my team, we are working something new behind the scene we will let our success makes the noise. just wait and see we are no namers right now we will be known in 2020...