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is s1mple TOP 1?
Do you really wanna know?
is s1mple TOP 1?
I have already seen the movie so its fine for me. But fuck you you stupid idiot.
He was NiP:s best performer during this event.
I think there's something wrong with HLTV:s placement. Let's wait for the group standings on EPL:s on website. I think the real standings are: Faze NiP Heroic Edit: Ok, nvm. I read the ru...
Dennis is still a bot.
Do you realize he just came back from a one month break. Considering that he is playing amazing. Not only does he get the kills, the kills he has gotten has been very impactful. But I guess you are ...
Dennis is still a bot.
And now he is playing amazing in the third game.
I can tell your IQ
Actually 122 when I did IQ-test.
I can tell your IQ
1. Saw Ronaldo live when my team Malmö played Madrid. Maybe Messi is better, I don't know. But the way Ronaldo played I'm gonna have to say him. He is at least the best player I have ever seen play cl...
Best pornstars? [18+]
Alex Grey and Leah Gotti is top notch.
Top 3 players ATM
Magisk S1mple Xyp9x I don't see a future where Astralis is not #1 unless they break up, get caught for cheating or something outrageous like that.
Niko's ego
Niko's ego
Well, the reason as to why people doesn't use the SG is because of the weird spray pattern. If people learns the spray pattern it would easily be the best gun in the game. Easily. But the spray patter...
Team to go 0-5 blast pro series
Faze or ENCE I think.
Greatest IGL of all time(csgo only)
Gla1ve ofc. Only Fallen is remotely close but Gla1ve is still miles ahead.
Gay pro player
MSL is gay, no? I'm pretty sure I've heard that from a couple of sources.