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looking for main game
Most Hated Person from your Country
Tá bom espertão, ó me resta rir aqui
Most Hated Person from your Country
Ai ai, :D
I ran 2km
How long? I remember once walking by my city and i didn't run, only walked, through 4km by the period of 50 minutes, with no stop.
if you are skinny you are not a man
Praticed: Shotokan - 2 years Kickboxing - 1 year Jiu jitsu - 1 year I could knockout your face on a way it wouldn't take me half of a sec. 1,95 here, though.
Most Hated Person from your Country
me chamou de "viado" por estatar um fato sobre o Bolso, e, é claro, eu não conheço ele e ele não é nem um pouco preconceituoso.. pelo amor de deus, moleque, vai se tratar
Most Hated Person from your Country
eu li muito cansado, mas enfim.. do mesmo jeito, eu acho engraçado esse seu jeito de tentar amenizar o termo que você acabou de usar em cima de mim só por que o baba ovo do bolsonaro se incomodou com ...
Most Hated Person from your Country
"and i am not homophobic or intolerant just because you say" Look at the prejudice depreciation you've used towards me, and you were wrong at the end. You live in Sweden. I...
Sexing girls is GAY
If sexing men is gay, why fucking women is not? Your logic is 300iq but mine is 1000iq. Sorry.
new language
Lots of stuff, can't mention straightly cause i don't remember. But, for example, in comparison from DK to Norwegian, there are literally a lot of words with the same meaning and also same way to writ...
Most Hated Person from your Country
puta que o pariu você é burro? leia o caralho do texto direito meu amigo, e se não sabe inglês, traduza. eu disse que o bolso é homofóbico? tem como você me mencionar onde?
norway prison system
I'm barely sure this is Sweden, as a brazilian who is about to live in Denmark, it surprised me on how many opportunities Scandinavia provides to people, overall. I hated that extremely high tax, thou...
norway prison system
Yeah, i consent to your #22 comment, though. I was expecting him to respond with some more content, but you know, he says "LUL" on barely every comment from him.
norway prison system
Which is the scandinavian country that gives money to unemployed people until they arrange a job? I've read it somewhere, i guess it's either Sweden, either norway
norway prison system