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Danish Hitler ( Rasmus Paludan ) will be selected
Oh okay. Thx for clearing that up. Sry if i misunderstood your comment :)
Danish Hitler ( Rasmus Paludan ) will be selected
Theres nothing wrong with not agreeing with him. I just dont agree with what he says.
Danish Hitler ( Rasmus Paludan ) will be selected
I hope us danes are smart enough to not vote for him. He call himself Donald Trump and is critic against everyone that dont agree. Dont think he will be elected.
First Lan
Unless you wanna throw up. You can eat unhealthy but atleast get some healthy breakfast. They served that at my lan+dinner.
First Lan
Make sure to get some healthy food. My first lan was a mess because i didn't get any healthy food. I got really sick and had to sleep the entire next day.
Danes Come Here
I think you are generalising a bit here.
Its alright, but have to play on it more to be sure
liquid lineup that beats astralis
Analysts said this. Not my words
liquid lineup that beats astralis
Why do people keep picking S1mple to beat Astralis. You know Astralis are good at shuting down star players like S1mple.
Gob b better than Fallen atm. And Fallen want brazilians not Germans or Tyrkish Players
Edward really has no brain.
It was just a brain fart. Edward is alright and he is good for his age
Idk Xantares made a ton of silly mistakes against Navi just now i dont think Mousesports would have ever picked him up. Also Smooya decided to bench himselft he did not get kicked
Can FaZe win SS i-L S7?
No. S1mple dont lose to that, EZ4ENCE, NRGods
what is missing in teams for beat astralis?
Team Building. And adapting all the time
Na`Vi will win SS i-L S7
But if S1mple don't carry ...