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most underrated players?
Yeah I get that I don't think he is bad or anything. I think he's a damn good player as Taco is bcs people these days don't see flashes or baits or anything that Styko has to do to put his players to ...
most underrated players?
He’s not underrated, he’s just not consistent and he’s not that support player as he was. He even said that in the interview that he stopped playing for other players to bait him, he’s trying to get i...
NiP roaster changes
i rate your new teams
S1mple Gla1ve flusha Xyp9x Niko
maybe chemistry between players ? He played for them once so maybe he didn't like to play that way. idk
Maybe he doesn't want to play for them ?
worst fans?
Hellraises fifth?
biggest upset in cs history?
Virtus.pro versus Astralis..
u'r not alone
NiP roaster changes
They added Dennis for IGL role.. but Lekro is Igl now, Love dennis but I don't see a point keeping him if he's not som star player. I know it's not popular option but I think draken would be a great a...
best lineup in ur nation
Nah Frozen was never in the team with them.
best lineup in ur nation
Guardian Zero Styko Frozen queztone
coldzera, reason?
Look at Get_Right 2013 and 2014 top1 and now nothing. I love that player I just wanted to prove the point that you just can't be always the best player, the meta has changed, his team wanted to try so...
[16+] Am I decent ?
very good frags and aim but sometimes you were shaking af like when you can't breathe. So try to breathe more, your aim will be steadier.