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Fragging IGLs
nexa is a pretty good fragger
Coldzera to NiP
you make a good argument. its not zywoos fault that the top 5 is weak as shit. especially with astralis and navi to a certain extent skipping events. but my main argument is that the stat that this id...
bro that lan top 5 one is sooooo inflated. yeah they played liquid but idk what was going on with them at that event. but i wouldnt count furia or ence at the time they played vitality as being a top ...
yeah look s1mple is still the best player in the world but zywoo is a GOD and is getting very close to being on s1mples level
yeah sure 0.01 higher but zywoo hasnt played astralis or liquid yet at big events but he may have played liquid at cs summit.
so fucking skewing the facts you idiot. this is only DH Dallas and Cologne. his ACTUAL rating for big events in 2019 is 1.3 which is still godlike but your making it seem like hes broken the game. and...
BIG fix
i dont think that adding those two would necessarily be a bad thing i just think you should bench xantares instead of tiziaN and maybe even bring him back but he has to get better communication.
Na'Vi in a nutshell
youre delusional... ence are in a dip and thats fine. while i cant say for certain they wouldnt have gotten out of the group i highly doubt it as they arent playing great right now
Na'Vi in a nutshell
ence lost to heroic and vitality...
Cloud9 Fix
Top 5 soccer coaches atm
i think hes a really good manager but hes never been challenged. all of the people have done something great with a team that isnt the best team in the league. whereas pep has just had such an easy ri...
Top 5 soccer coaches atm
1. simeone 2. pochettino 3. klopp 4. favre 5. ancelotti honorable mentions. mourinho, pep, sarri, allegri, ten haag and zinedine zidane would probably be top if it was the last season but he didnt man...
american accents are very obnoxious and VERY annoying immediately