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"Debating creationists on the topic of evolution is rather like trying to play chess with a pigeon; it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory."

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Oxford Vaccine "side effects"
To "save" 12.78 you are harming roughly 54 million, and you are harming them in the long term, this damage will carry on past most of the lives of that 12.78 million, it makes next to no sense and tha...
Oxford Vaccine "side effects"
There is no balance. You have to find a balance between helping the majority who are your future and the ones who are the past and are of no use to the society. No its not, its a violation of very b...
I try to fix any team
No, its just the same, perfect.
Oxford Vaccine "side effects"
Covid is probably real, i dont care if it is or not the lethality rate of this "virus" is pathetic, im sorry i dont care that old people are dying, a cold snap kills some of them. Legit people in the...
Oxford Vaccine "side effects"
I also dont understand these people who have bought it, all they talk about is saving old people, what about not fucking over young people, you know the ones that keep the world running, they act like...
I try to fix any team
Best team of all time. p0mpouS p0mpouS p0mpouS p0mpouS p0mpouS Fix it.
16:10 help
Tabsen hampus Xyp Elige magisk cajunb zellsis siezed jdm kjaerbye shox krizzen jmqa nbk segej twist and more.
16:10 help
Xyp Elige magisk cajunb zellsis siezed jdm kjaerbye shox krizzen jmqa nbk segej twist
Oxford Vaccine "side effects"
Ive had most vaccines, ive never had a flu jab, kinda pointless for me, but i wont get this, no fucking way and if anyone tries to force it on me ill stab them in the neck with it.