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Your longest gaming session?
27hours Dayz sa.
FaZe xantares
90% of Botares rating is against tier 70 teams full of rag heads.
Top 5 Young talent .
me. me. me. me. me.
Your sensitivity?
Neither of them use that sens anymore, Niko is 400*1.45 and Twistzz is 1.5.
Your sensitivity?
No his is 400*1.4 so 560 EDPI.
Your sensitivity?
I used 800*0.45 360EDPI. Low as fuck but my aim is so good on it.
Is Olof back.
I wish there was a slot at Fnatic would be great to see the old lineup mostly back but you can remove anyone from that team, its not worth it.
If NiP win this will be their first win since IEM Oakland in late 2017.
Your mouse grip
Palm finger hybrid.
sg is op wtf
What???? The SG kills faster than the AK and more consistently than the AK in every scenario.
sg is op wtf
The first 15 shots are just down and to the left, its so easy.
How the fuck does michu play at 352edpi????
No, thats not how that works, muscle memory can be developed for almost any sens, the difference is lower EDPI's have a higher margin for error as targets take up a larger area on your mouse pad. For...
How the fuck does michu play at 352edpi????
No, really, he will obviously have fine muscle memory, it just he needs to swipe a lot, it doesnt seem that hes using any mouse accel. The advantage of his sens is a massive margin for error, 180 deg...
How the fuck does michu play at 352edpi????
The thing is you are amazingly accurate on that low of a sens but turning around is an issue.
How the fuck does michu play at 352edpi????
Ive always liked lower EDPI's, i play anywhere from 440-580.