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list of cheaters
flair checks out
list of cheaters
Yeah people don't talk about how s0mple technically has a vac ban
Trump sweden tweet
Yeah Trump has gone back on previous statements repeatedly and the coronavirus is only the most recent example. He is dangerous and out of control. He has been adamantly against closing the country ye...
jamppics cheating
imagine having to bump your own topic so many times
Coca Cola price in your country
Because oz is a reasonable unit of measurement when referring to a drink size as opposed to ml which is too small and liter is too big for a reasonable drink size
Coca Cola price in your country
335ml for people who are discussing an American product and don't want to suck it up and say 12 so they convert 12 fluid oz to 354.882ml because they want to make things more difficult than they have ...
Coca Cola price in your country
12 oz for normal people
Shower - how often?
Haven't done in weeks, haven't even changed clothes
Trumpcare, capitalistic society, lack of empathy, putting people who know nothing (Pence) in charge of dangerous disease control, and an overall lackadaisical approach to an issue that should be caref...
Ence disband?
Ence was mostly successful because they came out of nowhere. They had a lot of skill and a lot of promise, and allu was the veteran catalyst. He helped to bring experience to an otherwise newly talent...
Ence disband?
+1 can confirm
Internet speeds
135 down 304 up $12,000/year lul university is a ripoff
[RESULTS] HLTV meme of the decade
I'm not Prokda wtf
[RESULTS] HLTV meme of the decade
nt Prokda