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i like my coffee like i like my women, strong and black, sometimes a little cream.
This what trik and his fans look like.
Do you support third world immigration?
hahah he rekt himself in one sentence.
Nasty ass Fuck, or Nasty ass Fragger
wow the hate for NA is out of control
Na Top 1
maybe the recent tensions with iran got you heated someway. I bet you haven't been to US, studied in our education system, you are an outsider looking in. Stop getting into politics and our education ...
Na Top 1
U have internet look up what US have contributed to the world, oh and welcome for the internet btw, and our technology that you most likely use, or the replicas of our tech.
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+1 probs used all his data for the month for that comment.
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sri lanka talking, wtf have you little shits achieved in the past 10 years that have brought any significant change to the world?
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We don't have any native amrican teams, our ancestors are from Europe and people here are from all around the world. This is a shit bait that keeps getting reposted again and again, i am starting to f...
NA crowd
with this logic only Astralis had an era, cos all other eras had losses and close games. Dude shut up and admit that you don't want to give us a win.
NA crowd
wait till we win next major, and then the next, i bet your would still deny us an era, you salty europoor.
yes that is what i said they didnt use aug nerf at esl pro league
aight my bad, 1 event mvp cos pro league was without aug nerf.