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Astralis vs North
I just dont understand that these idiots are doing on T side. I really dont understand. First gun round again 4 smg's and 1 rifle they push smoke jump down die like retards and 3 guys saving? :DD wtf ...
FaZe vs BIG
it was 7-3 for big , should be 8-3 , they lost to eco , they lost half 8-7? ;D hahahahahah omg what i just did watched :D vs Espada
wtf did i just watch. Ct side 10k for all and throw like this? :D hahah Norbert bot braindead , 3 other playing :D 3 rounds in a row 3 on B? wtf is this? :D lol hahahah
Nemiga vs Nordavind
This hutji is totally silver wtf :D so bad... useless teammate.
device cheating
hahahahah :D what are you talking idiot ;DDD gold nova? mg rank? everybody is laughing of you :D dont make yourself more pathetic silver kid
device cheating
Dude just stfu if you are silver and 15 years old kiddo. He hear him idiot. Cheating lol :D :D :D SOUND SOUND SOUND. Silver kid creating shit posts
forZe vs DreamEaters
Fun game? you like tier4 cs? 1 round 3 vs 1 bomb planted why the f you need to peek that guy 1 by 1? its clownfiesta not even funny to watch this cis trash cs... low bots
G2 vs Tricked
god hunden? :D hahha lol.... they lost to pistols second round and lost 2 vs 2 with m4 mp9 vs 15 hp and 14 ho mac 10 :DDDDDDDDDDD how can you do that lol :D hahha
Astralis vs Liquid
hahahahah, ez money :*
Astralis vs Liquid
hahahahah, ez money :*
Astralis vs Liquid
aug is not nerfed in this tournament idiot :DDD
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
now 16-5 Sprout? 2 maps for money and when finish normal :)
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
ofc its 322 idiot, 3 odds on mr when 4 odds on sprout, use your brain you small idiot
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
no no Valve its not 322 :D hahahah yesterday 13 t round on trains today 2 rounds and throw 11-4 lead hahahaha cs go is dead, fixing retards
FURIA vs TeamOne
hahaha, i can go sleep. Ez 2-0 furia. They are just smurfing against these bots, jumping around with smg's and retaking B 3 vs 5 with pistol hahahahahah :D T1 are trash. GG. Good night guys, thanks f...