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CSGO PC Build warrant me 400+fps and 240hz monitors
also bronze 600w psu would not recommend for that gpu and cpu at least gold certificat and 750w for stable gaming . and are u sure u need 27 inch monitor? 240hz 24.5 is enough imo but its personal so...
CSGO PC Build warrant me 400+fps and 240hz monitors
buy faster ram they cheap nowdays like 3600 cl16 or cl17 or smth very good and futureproof u will not regret it some games can take fps gains of that
My new pc build
good build man , but i suggest SSD really helpful for csgo and other fast games
Faith (Religious only)
In your point we can make conclusion that person should not live faithfully and try their best to abide the commandments of God's word because he anyways will be accepted and forgiven because "bein...
Faith (Religious only)
how can non-believers or believers of different faiths would be accepted as well ? If they decided to not believe by their own choice or second group unfaithful who heard about Christ but still deci...
Faith (Religious only)
dont spread lies please there plenty proof for those who seek the Truth . faith and religious not the same word . How can you know that every faith is equal ? Some people have stronger faith than oth...
Faith (Religious only)
I agree with dr_fiji answer #19 . I can add from myself that faith is not only the knowledge but also the way you believe and abide the commandments of our God . Stronger u believe and follow in God...
Faith (Religious only)
@MidwestCalifornian have you heard about Orthodox Church and their beliefs i think u can find the Truth word u seek there
typical dumb russian mentality 16-3
he is retard dont care about him
GamerLegion vs pharsyde
FUCK ESEA piece of shit admins didnt care to ban cheaters and real good players lost to hackers 2019 CS OMEGALUL
GamerLegion vs pharsyde
typical swedistan
qck+ vs heavy
nt baiter , no reason to lie about it . I had qck+ navi edition before now using qck heavy and difference that heavy not moving on table . u can stop trying with baits coz not funny btw