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BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 - Upper Bracket Final
Zywoo + major = GOAT?
if major mvp and getting other big tournaments in the way as well then yeah he would be top1 for 3 years straight
electronic lol
having a child is a lot of impact
Is some music objectively better?
"Yes. those I listen to" - everyone Even people in the academia will tell you that it's subjective.
This ring for 390€
Why their (equally ugly) shoes are right priced? it doesn't make sense
lithuania > ussr
Basic truth
Online schooling
a disaster with a generation of ADHD kids
so you basically have to buy XED to play?
new Lemmino video
literally who
music from ur teenager years!"
My old lastfm says I was listening to this when I was 15 https://ww...
Florida Man
"Florida man arrested after hitting girlfriend in face with burrito" Hope the burrito is ok
Dream job ?
I'm not tring to find a flaw, I'm pointing out responsabilities, obligations and problems that come with every job. Instead of hating your job every single day like a burger king worker, you will hate...
Reading books
I understand, I gave you 3 recs that gave me Kafka "vibes" I love surrealism.
Dream job ?
Well it's not an attitude. I love listening music, I'm doing right now while I type to you, I do it while I run or at the gym, I do it when I'm on a bus/metro/train etc. but I wouldn't like to be a mu...
Reading books
Idk about you but I usually buy more books from authors that I've enjoyed or at least the same style/genre After reading Kafka I bought the Castle and the Trial, after loving Journey to the End of the...