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Pasha haters come
literally reddit the player
csgo pros are really a bunch of autists, they can't detect intentions, they think that everything is in bad faith
Shapiro Yang
who cars
Scariest form of depression
"The reality is you dont know what you are talking about." And yet everyone is replying to him, ruining the thread
mentally ill bettors?
Because they need money for their meds
FREE HONG KONG [100 social credits have been deducted from your account]
most attractive girl on planet earth?
yeah we should just meet every model and actress in person since pictures don't count the most beautiful girl in the world is one of my friend, check mate
Greta threads are the reason why we have the sport mode
most attractive girl on planet earth?
I didn't mean you, but the rest of the comments. those calling her a 4/10, ugly and the usual annoying dicussions about makeup (as if those "more attractive women that they meet on the street" aren't ...
most attractive girl on planet earth?
What compels someone to create a thread about a woman, any woman, on this place? 8 out 10 of the users are virgins, they will call ugly every single woman, no matter how attractive, even models at the...
The best rock band ever
Velvet Underground
Am I a psychopath/sociopath?
You just sound like a narcissist, but if you completely lack empathy and guilt (depending on your action) then you might be a sociopath
JOKER movie
I think it's on the same level, one it's a character study, the other it's more of an action packed blockbuster Phoenix's perfomance is a real one, people will obviously compare him to Ledger but it's...
JOKER movie
"wake up some mental ilnnes (pre-disposition). " what?
JOKER movie
It's really good if compared to other superhero movies, but it's not that good if you compare it to the films that clearly inspired the director