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neither were pens but this still favors Lyon
r8 boomer mm
where is the facecam
They wouldn't admit to be wrong, plenty of people believe that players can cheat on LAN too, so what is gonna stop them even if he ever performs on lan? what have real madrid fans to do with brazilia...
"IF leaf is really that good and such a star, the Brazilians will respect him even more" HAHAHAHAH
Kjaerbye FaZe?
how come there are so many polish insiders lately
you could find it on bitchute like most conspiracy garbage
Your Typing Speed?
I tried to use both hands, all 10 fingers with thumbs used just to hit the spacebar, but I'm supposed to endure hours and hours of slow typing to get better at it, not sure If I have the patience for ...
Your Typing Speed?
100 can't do better than this when I use a couple of fingers
Should money inectors be limited in football?
barca and real have been backed by banks for years it's easy to spend when the tv deal is fixed in your favor and no one come close (unlike bundes and premier tv rights) and when banks will jump to lo...
Should money inectors be limited in football?
This is rich (no pun intended) coming from a real fan
Best movies of the last decade ?
It's actually zoomers that have that attitude le i'm born in the wrong generation
Guy in yellow is gonna be banned, right?
Best movies of the last decade ?
"no good movies in last decade except The Dark Knight Rises" lmaooooooo
Football is back!
I want Getafe to win to see Conte malding once again