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Astralis vs Liquid 2020?
+1 And at this moment, it must be -Stewie.
Top 20 2019 players (revised)
Add Zonic. He almost destroyed Simple in the deagle show-match.
How would you fix Liquid
- Stewie + Brehze - Nitro + Cerq Elige IGL
Astralis vs Liquid
Don't think Liquid will leave Overpass as the decider. They have been pretty shaky on that map against Astralis.
Your top 5?
Device Zywoo Elige Magisk / NAF Simple Regards to Simple. He might be the best individual player - but her has absolutely nothing to show for in 2019.
Who can beat astralis?
Only contenders in a BO3 right now is Liquid and Fnatic - and it all comes down to the map VETO. Liquid just demonstrated, that they've been working a lot on Vertigo. Sure, Astralis could probably h...
Dear Valve, here is your gun fixes
Fix the economy for CT. When on the CT-side during the pistol round. You kill the entire T-side and you defuse - and still you are looking at SMG/full armor or rifle/small armor and maybe 1-2 kits wit...
Cheating pros
Flusha. Nuff' said.
smoke b tunnels dust2
In a post plant position I would smoke deep. That gives me a little more space to crouch peak window/ door and hopefully help my teammate. If a CT is in upper dark, he is forced to either flash himsel...
How do you warmup?
Usually just DM with deagle only (just to get my aim on point) Just for a single map or 10-15 min. Then i do 1 or 2 wingman on global to get into those 1v1 or 1v2 situations - and that's about it.
Fnatic chance against Astralis?
Malmö is practically a 'danish' city in Sweden and Malmö is just a 40 km (~25 miles) drive away from Copenhagen. Sure - majority will be Swedish fans - but it's not going to be anything near as one-si...
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