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I7-9700k owners
Both are capable of 500+ fps, but I'm fairly certain a 9700k or 9900k can still pull ahead a bit more.
japan 26 dead
you dont have to care at all, but the fact that you comment here means you do.
I7-9700k owners
even with the more powerful AND faster true compute units of AMD's ryzen 3000 cpus they still cant match the latency that ringbus weaker intel cpus can give. For csgo, which is badly optimised, very l...
Best CS Team Ever
I disagree though, sure if the players from a couple years ago were just immediately dumped into today's meta they would get shat on. They played as they did back then because that's how the meta was,...
PC experts. help!
no it doesnt matter. I game csgo using an hdmi cable and a portable gas oven, so i think it will be fine to mix intel and ryzen
Also dont forget about f0rest
I7-9700k owners
maybe, maybe not. single thread cores will always be faster unless software will always spread the load throughout without overloading a core. Csgo is a very old game, based on an even older game engi...
society has gone too far
being obese to me just screams of mental disorders, mostly just depression making you not give a shit about yourself. all these things where people try to make it acceptable is just fucking disgusting...
society has gone too far
Bad food high in calories and low in nutrients are cheaper and easy, in NZ atleast people in worse off areas are 60% more likely to be obese than those in better areas (i.e. higher income areas).
society has gone too far
47% of our natives and 65% of pacific island immigrants are obese in New Zealand, not overweight, but obese. You'd better step up your game USA, New Zealand is hot on your heels!
yes, still better than the oce servers they give us
actual top 10 teams
just because navi havent been so active doesnt mean they're going to be an easy team to beat
NA Come
I think the main concern is how easily us cops are able to sweep stuff under the rug and forget about it, instead of showly publicly that they're changing things to prevent it. You really cant help it...
NA Come
do you prefer red or green?