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----BANNED BY DIMITRII (expected from worst admin)----
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==========> #8 alive

Professional HLTV user. This is my only account, don't believe what other people say. Don't cry when im #1 on the news post, it's just lucky and not important in any way.

If i dont respond to you i probably blocked you LUL

Especially annoying users on my ignored list (pls dont respond to me i won't be able to read your comments):

> Unluko (mad spammer kid, who always tries to be #1 on news but always fails)
> Trump_1_major_Obama_0_major (braindead american spammer)
> Lyricist (braindead bra71lian m16r fangay, absolutly delusional and using another flag as soon as m16r loses.
> MIBRIsUnderrated (braindead kid, spamming his m16r propaganda all the time)


Things i dislike:
> baitzera (baiter, toxic, trash and overrated)
> fallen (i would respect him if he wasn't a two-faced rat)
> fer (cocky trash player, overrated af)
> stewie2k (Trash NA pugger kid team destroyer. Should be banned from competing in pro-CS)
> tarik (traitor rat)
> kjaerbye (two-faced snake)
> lucas1 (2 IQ screaming dog)
> hen1 (like his brother but worse)
> kng (kinda like him but fuck him anyways)
> fns (overrated shit)
> xizt (overrated IGL, should retire asap)
> espiranto (arrogant kid, hope he will never achieve anything)
> kscerato (disgusting arrogant kid)

> mibr (worst and most overrated team in csgo history with shit players)
> furia (disgusting team, no achievements and act like they are good LUL)

> most of NA scene (trash scene, acting like they are equal to EU LUL they are trash)
> most of BR scene (like NA scene but worse, only 1 relevant team)

> NA mentality (stream more you fags, EU > NA always and forever)

> BRA71L (worst country and even worse people)
> USA (overrated brainwashed country with 75% stupid people and braindead president)
> Israel (we all know why)
> Turkey (dumbest people i have ever seen)
> Poland (racist shithole, acting like their country good cause they dont have muslims LUL shithole)

> the brazilian community is worse than everything mentioned above

Underrated players:
> autimatic (Top 3 NA player, way better than Streamer2k)
> karrigan (one of the best IGL, idk what anyone says)
> taco (underrated support, no taco = no baitzera, he should be #1 2016/2017 instead of this baiting midget)
> felps (probably best brazilian player)
> tabsen (could easily be better than all NA players)
> apex (GOAT entry)
> flusha (should be considered GOAT of CS)


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