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how to wake up early?
force yourself to wake up early one day, couldn't fall asleep until 4am for some time - the day I had to start my job and get up at 7am again, I only slept 2 hours but instantly fell asleep the evenin...
Guden Tog mejn Frojnden
Ei gude wie
Your phone?
Ok good to know, wasn't aware about most of the things you said. As I don't need my phone for work, that wasn't an argument for me personally, but I feel like an iPhone may be a good choice for you - ...
''fuck facebook and yt''
LUL toxic because you couldn't stack those five cans
your personality type
your personality type
WTFFFFFF in the summary it even says "You may have muttered to yourself, “wow, this is so accurate it’s creepy”"
R.I.P Caco
Your phone?
I definitely like the iPhone, not gonna lie, mostly bought it because most of my friends have one. It has a good camera which struggles when there's little light or at night. Has a great screen, and a...
Your phone?
iPhone 8 Because its good and not as expensive as iPhone X, only had Samsung Smartphones before so wanted to try an apple one, will maybe return to Android one day
your personality type
Wtf the whole explanation is so true its scary
your personality type
ISFP-T - Adventurer "Adventurer personalities are true artists, but not necessarily in the typical sense where they’re out painting happy little trees. Often enough though, they are perfectly capable ...
Your city at night
Darkest time in your country’s history?
Lol I don't even have to answer, you already know
North sponsor?
Cause they didn't care to fill out a form related to gambling sponsors sent to them by Valve, so they're not allowed to advertise gg.bet