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major spot my friend also TeSeS isnt the best fragger, but i agree with the rest just -TeseS and +stavn/b0rup stavn 2nd awp aizy has huge star potential let him continue what he is doing (under MSL th...
tbh maybe if stavn leaves heroic i dont think they wont die out. They could probably just pick up cajun/gade/aizy, but i dont think they would
hmmmm i just came back and saw that they are in OT with cajunb dropping 30 kills id say they still should still get stavn so -Gade/Aizy and +stavn it would be insane to not drop your arguably worst fr...
no need, stavn/msl will be awping
maybe he needs to spend more time with heroic, but i think stavn has more than proven he can go against top players
thats what i said the / in the sentence stands for or, not and
they need the major spot brother,so i think -aizy +b0rup/bubzki after next major
best csgo mouse?
+1 ec1-a is really good
C9 fans
Do you think that the players are the problem? Because tbh I think C9 as an org just dont care about cs anymore which is why they're going to Gen.G
huNter NOT real cousin????
cousin hunter's father could be bosnian and his mother could be serbian niko's father and mother could both be bosnian
CR4ZY kick emi ?
Wont kick letn1 because they want the major spot. So probs after next major
I fix any cs team :)
no? its mixwell. do you not watch any games/read any articles?
I fix any cs team :)
Cooper and osee are both AWPers besides I dont think osee is good enough anyway
I fix any cs team :)
They wont get Oskar, I can see them getting wardell tho
I fix any cs team :)