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favorite metallica song
Master of Puppets One Battery Fade to Black
Bible / Universe interpretation
Beeing "not sure" about something is exactly the right time to not state it as a fact. But yeah it's an interesting thoughtplay. And if you take a look at theories about how atoms look like you will n...
GrEta THUMBerg The PERson Of The YEAR
Thanks for posting. I see one side trying to convince by breaking the important things down to the science, and one side saying that alot of people who write stuff are of one opinion. Interesting.
Not bad!
What do you do after you cum?
Come again?
Name him allahu akbar, people will smile when you call for him guaranteed.
Humanity without religion
like i said, narrative based wisdom transfer of real events does not count as religion for me. and please dont be offended that much, that was totally not my purpose. i think we agree on a lot of thin...
Humanity without religion
no i think i know something as well. i just think the rules you think to be religion-bound can exist outside of religion even better. i dont think we can call every narrative-based wisdom transfer a r...
APEX Hacking
imagine beeing you. your parents must be so proud :)
Humanity without religion
distinguished? maybe you mean extinguished, but to think that religion is the saviour of mankind (because of the rules they set) is kind of ignorant, mildly said. dont you think there was morale and g...
APEX Hacking
His answer was the typical 12-year olds who lives with his parents answer, so dont bother argueing at all. Only little kids with no knowledge of the world whatsoever would say something like that.
you biggest regret ever
Your biggest regret "yet", there's plenty more to come kids
Best caster duo of all time? (Poll)
The Harry guy has such a strange verbal rhythmic and melody when casting, I cant stand it very long. His casting may be good though, its just a personal preference thing I guess. Hugo I like, good cas...
Alcohol extremely overrated
I get your point now, thx for explaining. I'm not sure about it though, while I agree with you on some aspects. We'll find out sooner or later I guess.
Climate change ?
End Ordovician, 444 million years ago, 86% of species lost Late Devonian, 375 million years ago, 75% of species lost End Permian, 251 million years ago, 96% of species lost End Triassic, 200 million y...