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Astralis come here
As mentioned ...
Astralis come here
Kjærbye may never walk through these doors ever again. Farlig is maybe not a bad choice but hltv experts generally don't understand the importance of xyp's role on this team. We will see if Lucky step...
How to get NA back
El1ge, Stewie2k, NaF, Brehze and Cerg would be a pretty scary lineup ...
Astralis vs OG
If you look at millions of cs go players around the world and even top 50 having had something to say against the very elite, your words may be a little harsh. If you only look at who may win the nex...
Vitality Esports Director: "When this team starts winning, we will win for a long, long time"
SOMEBODY at SOME POINT will take down NaVi. We've seen empires come and go in the history books. Same goes for CS GO. We've seen "eras" come and go. Astralis was the greatest so far, NaVi may be onto ...
Your height & weight?
I'm 20 kg's behind! And maybe a little shorter ... depending on my "attitude". 😁
Goodbye hltv! :(
Total denyal, ridicule and other mechanisms are of course "necessary" to protect your "programmed" mindset from breaking down. You can't even ALLOW yourself to think for just a brief moment that you a...
Goodbye hltv! :(
As you can deduct from the above: Yes, I'm a veeeery old man ... so are you. You may have forgotten more of your life than I have.
Goodbye hltv! :(
Fortunately I know, that you are a spiritual being. Immortal ... read THAT word again ... You have been around for TRILLIONS of years and you will be around for another TRILLIONS of years. You were ev...
s1mple washed up ?
So, the conclusion: Zywoo is the highest rated on average. As I said. The rest is the usual hltv babble. "Yes, but t5, online vs LAN, stand-ins, with or without flash-assists, new meta, different ma...
trying to get a job but its hopeless
Read and study about communism before you do anything silly ...