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navi era
"Era" .... 😁
BEST OF SNAPPI (High quality movie)
Disband teams
Everytime a top team loses a match you see a "disband" thread ... There are ups'n'downs in life for all of us.
Liquid out of top 10
Ouh! You could imagine quite a few different scenarios with close matches, overtimes etc. With this online play even top #50 has challenged the very top. Everybody beats anybody. I'm looking forwar...
Liquid out of top 10
There are (never before seen) only 200 points between #1 and #12. With NA and EU scene separated it's even "worse", if you might say so, with more tournament winners than usual. "Numba one" is simpl...
Astralis too good
I luuuv S1mple! That man is dangerous with a wet cloth and a newspaper ... He's juzz not WINNING stuff! So yes: Individual skills is only ONE piece of the puzzle. (Plz leave out personal remarks abo...
Astralis too good
Okay, 15 mvp's is of course ... eeeeh ... something ... but his awp'ing style is an integral part of something MUCH more complex than 1v1 animal instincts. Individually? Yeah, sure. Frag movies r...
Astralis too good
Oh dear ... The thread was about Astralis as a TEEEEEEEEAM !!!! Getit? Yes? No?
Astralis too good
Astralis is THE most winning team, but none of the players topped any list of individual skills. Anything interesting to add?
Astralis too good
I can be anyone's worst nightmare in these schoolyard brawls ... 😎👍 But yes: He is focusing on individual skills, and I pointed out, that Astralis didn't need that to win all these tournaments. Th...