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ISSA Next to leave?
ChrisJ is not that bad player imo but he is absolutely useless on mousesports right now.Like he can stay if he igls or either team doesn't have awp but there is no role which he can fill in that team
BIG vs Windigo
Vitality vs mousesports
You are right tho its a hard battle between zywoo and xantares
Vitality vs mousesports
Zywoo biggest onliner i have ever seen
Faze Styko Flusha Sunny
Instead of styko get kioshima as a support player he was support in old faze and ez top2
mousesports vs fnatic
Mousesports have insane amount of firepower i don't think that fnatic can win such a individual maps like cache dust2 so mouz get this karrigan mastermind
Turkish Utrecht
And where is your arguement?Are you the typical guy that when his ideas don't match with others and calls them 'çomar' ?
Turkish Utrecht
Its not about islam.Its about erdogan he is manipulating people with religion thats our problem.I mean islam is our religion for 1300 years and %95 of people still believes that religion.You said musl...
Turkish Utrecht
Don't make a polemic with that guy.Classic Islam hater and calls himself secular probably.Discredits Turkey and Islam in an international site like that.
Turkish Utrecht
I read in Turkish media that he arrested because of ISIS and later he released by polices.Maybe its wrong i don't know what the Dutch media says right now
Turkish Utrecht
This guy has connections with ISIS that means he is a terrorist don't judge turkish people like that...
NZ shooting
Reported.And flag checks out.Its just about butthurt people like you who live in a video games and not thinking about the reality.
compLexity vs NRG
NRG still overrated bro what do you mean they were 4th before the major in the rankings that was a bullshit
>India >Soccer choose one >ronaldo fanboy >says people fanboy choose one
fnatic vs Movistar Riders
mixwell vs 9