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most overrated teams of 2019
Furia, Avangar, EG, ENCE
Turkey vs YPG
It was an old video from 2017 but still it was a shame
Turkey Operation
Klasik Atatürkçülüğün arkasına sığınan ama tarihten bi-haber olan tek yaptığı muhalefet etmek olan aklı olmayıp fikri olan boş insansın canım benim. Go back to school pls.
Trump to sanction Turkey soon
He allowed Turkey to do the operation and right now he is trying to convince his dumb people by saying these bullshits.He is never going to do anything like that mark my words.
>france >white flag pick both
Turkey murdering children
Of course it is really sad but right now there is only airstrikes in Kobane but the girl has no blood or injury in her dead body. How can she die without single scratch in her body if we do that?
turkey come here v2.0
Couldn't find a source that tells Isis terrorist are escaping from prison can you give me one source? Because right now we didn't even reach center of big villages like Ras al-Ayn, Tall Abyad etc. If ...
mousesports vs BIG
Invaded Russia lol wake up brother
Turks genociding (again)
USA came Middle East from thousands of kilometres and support some terrorist organizations without showing any good reason to the world. When we want to protect our country against those terrorists we...
mousesports vs BIG
Like Germany in both world wars i guess
Xyp3x vs k0nfig
Xyp3x vs k0nfig
woxic > whole german scene
Xyp3x vs k0nfig
-UK -CS choose one
OttoNd is really good option for allu tbh
Vitality vs TYLOO
Shox without IGL role Pog