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EU Geography Quiz
https://imgur.com/a/mAiDKxE i'll take it. got all of the important ones. nobody knows wtf a kosovo is. haven't taken geography since 7th grade but i always smashed the euro countries on tests. iq degr...
-Grim +fer if Liquid wants to stop losing
yeah elige was fucking insane in 2019. now i feel like his problem is he tries to play "too smart" and he just gets fucked. the aim is still nuts but he makes some costly mistakes. im sure having twis...
Team of the 2021: NaVi or Gambit? (so far)
stewie2k 1 igs, 1 major. s2mple 0 major
New iPhone
13 pro in sierra. pro max is too big for me. i dont want a 2-handed phone. as soon as my carrier lists it, im copping. coming from an 11 with like 85% battery health xD
Team of the 2021: NaVi or Gambit? (so far)
navi's run lasts the whole back to feb 2020, dumbass. liquid won like 6 events in the span of a few months. liquid were much more dominant than navi. liquid was the best team for like half the year. t...
Team of the 2021: NaVi or Gambit? (so far)
navi has won the more prestigious tournaments. gambit did it more convincingly. hard to say. if current form continues, especially into the major, i think navi will earn that spot. this year is more c...
Lets name pro that disapeared
no idea prob 2017
Lets name pro that disapeared
Lets name pro that disapeared
who the hell is xms?
FaZe fans laughing at G2 fans
i wouldnt say fluke majors. they were like hard bots playing harmless bots. they were definitely the better team, but winning an igs is way more impressive