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I mean c9 are going for a 6 player roster, so there's a fairly decent chance they would also add smooya, given has history as being an inadvertant hybrid player, especially if woxic continues to fall ...
Mibr Fer recent performances
I mean even when zews left at the end of 2016 they still managed with dead as coach, and I'm not sure about what analysts they have at the moment but I know they have a sports psychologist which shoul...
Mibr Fer recent performances
Well with Fallen sometimes I think he just does too much. He's their IGL, largely their primary awper (and in my opinion the better of the two) and he's their best clutch player, and on top of that he...
Mibr Fer recent performances
They already tried boltz; he was good enough when he replaced felps but wasn't and won't be the kind of player they need now. They need another star at the very least and that just doesn't seem availa...
Mibr Fer recent performances
Who would you suggest replace fer should he be removed? Besides the furia player there doesn't seem to be a talent currently that would be enough to turn the team around,
Crazy would have been such a good team had nexa and hunter not left, they just hung espiranto and Otto out to dry. They're so underrated, I hope they get a good team.
Lando Norris is a fucking GOD
Mantuu is polish now?
That's kinda what im assuming, but I'm not exceptionally knowledgable on the subject, so it's just a theory really.
Mantuu is polish now?
He's British-Polish, but chooses to hold British nationality in CS I believe, BTS has been super weird with flags over the competition, I remember one game when they said a player from some Brazilian ...
dude if you think of any other team its the igl that tends to underperform, on mibr its taco who does and fallen performs
He plays the roles no-one else wants to and takes the hit to his stats so everyone else can perform, and it's what he's done his entire career
MIBR vs Evil Geniuses
BIG #3
Dude the esl rankings have been broken for ages, half the teams on there either don't have the correct name or the correct players
TOP 10 Military
You realise the UK has nukes too right
Evil Geniuses vs MIBR