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Most Hated Person from your Country
He is a politician, convinced supporter of hard Brexit. I do hate him lol. Europe invested a dazzling amount of money to small towns across the UK (even Northern Ireland), and now UK wants to leave......
Yeap I know what youre talking about xD Sometimes it is funny to listen to them
Now they are going out
In Russia 11 time zones, really huge country lol
I rate your life V2
UK(Wales) Agnostic I'm a student, scholarship and work in translating bureau, from welsh to english and vice versa Motorola Moto Z2 Force Yeap, we are together since 2016 I don't play faceit anymore, ...
UK most popular boy names
Middle-class in both countries are pretty the same I believe
UK most popular boy names
I suppose Muslims just took over England, it is not too bad, there are nice people though, but its a bit sad to see how England and especially the capital has become second Germany.
They are playing very well, just destroying the wall of defends....... so coooool
no problem
Thanks buddy
Most Hated Person from your Country
So Russians and Estonians cannot be friends and be tolerant of each other under any circumstances?
Most Hated Person from your Country
Very likely yeap lol, he had a cool russian accent
Most Hated Person from your Country
Why? I spoke to a guy from Estonia about a political situation in the country, he said that Savisaar did improve Tallinn and tried to kind of unite Russian minority to Estonians.
Most Hated Person from your Country
Boris Johnson