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Cerq real deal
and they still were #2 for most of 2018, eg has not been as consistently good as navi
Cerq real deal
people dont just change their personalities like that, saying something like that doesnt make sense. he didnt get along with the liquid players and they didnt get along with him. he left and found far...
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EG #1
navi won esl one cologne 2018, beating astralis in the semis. doesnt mean they would always beat astralis whenever they played them around that time.
Cerq real deal
would it? its not a secret that s1mple got along terribly with the tl players so with that dogshit chemistry, do you really think it'd be a good team?
Cerq real deal
why? waste 2 years doing jack shit when he couldve been in navi (with his family in ukraine where he was far more comfortable), still winning the occasional event (when liquid DIDNT WIN ANYTHING THROU...
Cerq real deal
hahaha except liquid WAS NEVER CONTENDING FOR TITLES SINCE THEY ALWAYS LOST IN THE FINAL so id rank them (over ALL of 2018, including the bit where you seem to have forgotten that liquid was utter dog...
Cerq real deal according to this, by achievements liquid wasnt even 3rd edit: and yes you fucking idiot, LIQUID WAS BETTER THAN ASTRALIS IN 2019 SO FAR HOLY SHIT
Cerq real deal
liquid wasnt even top 5 when he was part of that team, navi were #2 in the world for most of 2018 #40 going from a bad top 10 team to a consistent #2 team isnt good?
Cerq real deal
navi was #2 for 26 weeks in 2018 liquid was #2 for 2 weeks in 2018 faze and astralis were also both #2 in 2018 at different points how is that not navi being #2 in the world for most of 2018? edit: n...
Cerq real deal
na was garbage when s1mple played for tl
Cerq real deal
hes won numerous international t1 tournaments, achieved several deep major runs that arent flukes since then, it was objectively a better move than staying in shitty liquid.
Cerq real deal uhh you sure about that? edit: classic na tard that has no memory of cologne 2018 etc
Cerq real deal
s1mple has more achievements than cerq even in the last 2 years since both joined their current teams, saying that cerq has made the overall better roster moves for himself when s1mple has won more ev...