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german football
Uruguay vs Sprout
ex6 is just a horrible igl
G2 > fnatic
dude its just a one week event so why wouldnt you take the money?
HR fejtz HR nukkye
wouldnt be surprised if they would go for nukkye and maikelele actually
G2 > fnatic
question is why did teams like ence and nip decided to skip this one? its such a high prizepool and not that many good teams there so why??? just take the money who cares about schedule and shit hote...
1xBet official Q&A
sorry had to do this just dont trust him believe me... i had my own experience with them and after trying to withdraw 2000 bucks they kept on declining my withdraw and closed my account money gone....
yeah but for how long? right 2-3 weeks just because they had a couple of bo1 upsets at starseries
1xBet official Q&A
dude dont bet there^^ just google 1xbet and you will realize its a pure scam site... as soon as you try to with a higher amount of money they will block your account there are so many reports out th...
failed feminist experiment
tbh its always easy to blame one player alone but you have to admit that the entire roster is shit.... especially jugi and config cajun is the only one who deserves a better team because he is one of...
R8 keev
a cheater who got banned twice at esl
they can beat a team like intz but are they a top20? nope they arent.... they wont become a top20 team just because they wont be able to qualify for any top events :)
no they cant.... they were never able to and never will they are just an upset team and thats all
how are they underrated? they just had a good day and mibr played shit thats all windigo is a good team but not that good to make them a top20 team
mibr hype