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90's kids?
Elige going bald?
just polish genes just wait two years. then he will sit there with jogging pants while smoking marlboros
danish dialect
thinking about that his english is not the yellow from the egg
danish dialect
thats a funny one
C9 fan come here
rather lose 16:0 once over losing 16:14 a couple of times
ty african
C9 fan come here
it is actually a 16:14 throwaway game hurts more
thats the top cs nowadays... its not like astralis is that good the rest is just that bad
tbh its not that funny the funny thing is that mibr lost 16:3 against a team that lost 16:0 a few hours later xd
Schalke and Juventus
they dont deserve to play in the cl... they were totally lucky that teams like dortmund, leverkusen, gladbach and so had horrible seasons last year they are not able to make the game just playing def...
Schalke bot
yeah the saved money wont help you anymore since you basically need to pay minimum 60-70 million for a world class players nowadays... i hope the bundesliga will change their mind one day. But i thin...
Schalke bot
its a shame that english teams are not able to dominate the cl with all the money involved. Hard to believe that they only won it once over the last 10 years and chelsea managed to do it by just park...
BIG vs Vitality
but germany is having some white players atleast. have you seen your u21 nationalteam? 90% of them are black rofl
x-kom vs x6tence Galaxy
ok mentally illness confirmed
x-kom vs x6tence Galaxy
are you actually mentally ill?