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Why Astralis skipping big events like iem Sydney
because health issue's and the 21+ hour flights to Australia. but it's probably not even that, I mean good thing it's in Sydney, NSW part of Australia .... QLD, NT, other places the humidity is horrid...
mibr theory
mibr spend too much time focused on beating astralis their practice sessions are just counter stratting..... so when they play any other team even tier 5 they lose because they are utter trash. "If we...
I destroy a team in an unexpected way
can't you just add s1mple to every team? hellraisers, flipside, liquid, navi? like your reasoning "unexpected event that will destroy the team and make every player in it much worse than they are now....
Clash of Cland
just a lot of time on public transport not a big reader, so :/ just clash?
Clash of Cland
3 th11's 2 th10s
s1mple & Guardian
if losing players got MVP's that weren't s1mple. than guardian would have a major mvp. kennytears has been trash since the awp nerf an...
s1mple double moral EXPOSED!!!
DreamHack will include Vertigo in the map pool for the upcoming Open event in Rio de Janeiro, the event's organisers have announced.
Xantares overrated
its not his fault he cant play without being online.
Astralis salary?
you do know that device, dupreeh, xyp9x, cajubn and kjaber baught astralis? they took the godsent approach and rather then playing for an org they went with a player funded one. Dignitas was a wicked...
mibr tier?
on par with virtus throw, should go back to MDL
22 map streak? did they lose OT to renegades at the major?
how will astralis fall
astralis are the only team improving on their mistakes, the only team putting in effort in comparison to other teams. faze, mibr, fnatic, navi, just seem to be going backwards whether it's internal st...
Natus Vincere vs AVANGAR
i dunno, being able to play the game as a team, instead of being afraid to do anything because you'll make simple angry, or he won't get the opening kills seems pretty pointless. why have a team if yo...
Natus Vincere vs AVANGAR
why not? he was the problem in flipside? and he's always the common factor to his teams not winning.