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Top5 eras csgo
nip, fnatic, astralis. there has been no other era's
TenZ explains bench
imagine if all this aim prac he did actually worked though hahahah he has had 1 series since joining c9 that he was positive k/d or 1:1 even. mostly on the bottom, you watch his aim in game during c9...
nitr0 & Twistzz LOL
or puberty.
religious jokes
i think the thread title got mixed in translation should have been Q: Jokes A: Religions.
flusha cheated at some point
only works if the person is stationary in the replay even in slow mo the evny player is moving so it's defunct?
Vitality ScreaM
rpk had a huge impact on their grand final against fnatic, others didn't show up.
Fers injury
seems fer just caught 2 of em?
Astralis is the only team to show drastic improvements after losses.... other teams just go home sulk and come back, look at FaZe, they lost so much didn't change anything, kicked karrigan and now eve...
NiP 5th
Neo + Get_right
replace moe with pasha so it's the old school personalities, so many IGL's but
ScreaM cheater?
dramatic eye roll for being flashed? get_rights eye widen, other pro's who stream make funny facials when they get flashed just so amuse themselves and viewers? his mini map / radar showed the player ...
-Zeus +???
if boombitch is calling -zues + coldy or tonyblack
Astralis best team ever?
sure they had an easy grand final but we got the grand final match up in the quarters liquid vs astralis. then the 2nd potential grand final in the semis being astralis vs NRG they had the hardest rou...
KennyS Laugh thread
i only watch g2 for kennytears nothing makes me happier then watching him cry and lose haha
Majors are boring
astralis has played 235 rounds of cs at this major already!?