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Natus Vincere vs Vitality
i hope vitality loses this final. wtf is this bot (APEX) doing in inferno? this inferno should have ended like 3 rounds ago but this clown is pushing smokes and losing rounds like a silver. 2 times in...
reddit hahahahaha
i arent think that
reddit hahahahaha
nice backfire thread. a guy who didnt give up and finally achieved one of his goals.. (even if its a gaming goal). grats to the guy and well done
Messi VS Ronaldo at their prime
when you cant even win an american cup you cant be called the best. Ronaldo > LULssi any day of the week
valorant bad title for western markets
San Francisco
rigged shit fuck this gay earth. fuck u nfl, fuck u vegas. that wasnt a td, take my 50$ because i wont bet ever again
Trump bounty 80 million dollar
dont fight against chad Trump if you want to live.. he will nuke Iran in no time
pls WW3 end this world
yes but not like this. not against the shitty titans, not against a 80% hb dive playbook, not against a qb who completed 8 motherfucking passes, not like this... :(
fuck this gay earth. how the fuck did they lose against 1, yes 1 player! Henry 1 man army, Tanehill not even 10 completed passes lmao fuck this chit. pls WW3 end this chit
The Verkaars EZ4ENCE ep2
nice bait. this isnt even about ence
Stewie smoking
im sure he started smoking because he thinks it would make him look cool. biggest fake in scene
device tatoos
thats because he forgot to take it off after playing a nba game
This crowd
at first i wasnt sure bahrain would be a good place to host a cs tournament but this crowd proved i was wrong. awesome crowd
imagine if this god got the ace in the 1v1 against twistzz. Liquid players would just turn off their computers and leave the venue lmao