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OMG bro. Holy shit. You almost ALMOST predicted this shit. I know they're two completely different people but hot damn, that was out of freaking left field. NEO instead of Byali joining FaZe. A Polish...
Yeah, that's never going to happen lol.
Best game ?
MOBA - Dota 2 Realistic BR - PUBG Fictional BR - Apex Legends FPS - CSGO Hotel? Trivago.
S1mple cocky lol
What? That's the exact type of approach you need to have to stay on top. Mamba Mentality.
R8 grill
Some angles, she looks like Olivia Wilde. 8.8/10.
MIBR lost to Chinese onliner LUL
Is that 66 kills? 200+ ADR?
Nuke Problem
I kind of agree with you here. I just hate how it's already so vertical and yet the outside is also massive with multiple angles to worry about at any given time.
Nuke Problem
The old Nuke was legendary, sure, but this version is revamped and uninspired. Just big for the sake of being big.
Nuke Problem
IDK about that. Nuke may be their best map, but they're pretty darn good everywhere else, too (except maybe Mirage).
Nuke Problem
Seriously, let's just do -Nuke +Cobblestone already.
WESG worst event ever?
Are you new? Haven't heard of The Gaming Resort?
They were going to win the whole thing anyway. Might as well be the Cinderella Story of 2019. It would've been boring and predictable if Astralis beat Na'Vi 32-7 instead. You could also look at it thi...
I think their biggest issue is that they're way too top-heavy. Can't have two of the four best players in the world and field the rest of the roster with below average players. Today was a prime examp...
Zeus on the other hand...
And Allu is BigDaddy! At this point, I don't even mind Astralis winning it all, knowing that it was ENCE they beat in the Finals.