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FURIA vs Isurus
plebs 2020: matchfixing doesn't exist furia : sure thing only 1 map in bo3
Apeks vs Sangal
if turkish was T4 then BR is T5 and cis is T6 :DDDD
Astralis vs mousesports
iem drama comebacks ... lmao esl please come out with new scripts. this is getting bored
LowLandLions vs Dogs
the csgo scene is dead
Triumph vs TeamOne
ok losing 1 vs 4 was tragic mistake then repeat the same mistake and lose 2 vs 4 vs full eco ? lmao BR
Triumph vs TeamOne
jsut close stream and wait next map the map just ended at that round
Triumph vs TeamOne
1 vs 4 the game just ended at round 4 see u at train plebs
BIG vs mousesports
big had free 2-0 .. they got mentally wanked after dust 2 and they did a final push and win psitole and started 2-0 then they lose full eco then finally they got completely mentally raped after losing...
Evil Geniuses vs Rebirth
can u use W key rebirth ? u are just walking without any smokes / flashes what are this low level csgo this is worse than matchmaking
Evil Geniuses vs Rebirth
bruh rebirth .. can u at least turn your ,monitors and play like any pug team ? this is so embarrassing to watch they are so afraid to push usp xd
Evil Geniuses vs Rebirth
classical ESEA bot teams win 1 round 1 vs 3 the next round play like dmg :D bruh this esl and dream-hack format should be changed. so many bad teams are participating we should make qualifiers for all...
G2 vs NiP
lmao this game should have been fast 2-0 but nip got the calls from the high ups to throw map 2 :D
G2 vs NiP
of course they threw ma3 2 did u think they will lose xd ? 1st map proves everything
G2 vs NiP
u all malding g2 kids everyone called it 2nd map throw + 3rd map ez nip
G2 vs NiP
actually i won